Who Is Host00312? Twitch Hate Raid Bot Identity Exposed – Age Revealed

Twitch hate raid bot created by Host00312 is trending so his identity has become matter of public concern. Here is what you need to know about their Twitch problem.

Generally Twitch is used for gmaing and streaming, but there is more to Twitch than just gmaing and streaming.

While it is mostly used for streaming, people manage to use this for spreading some kind of hatred towards the creator.

eOne of such user is Host00312 whose hate raid bot is all over Twitch, so people are furious about this behaviour.

While we do not have the precise details about what is happening, different people have different oponion regarding this matter; more on this later.

With all these things happening, people seem curious about their identity, age, wikipedia, and most importantly, their Twitch problem.

Host00312 Twitch Hate Raid Bot Identity Exposed

The identity of Twitch user host00312 is not exposed yet.

We do not even know wheather or not they are a real person or just a bot, but as per our observation, Host00312 is probabaly a hate raid bot created by a person.

Lot of people, including creators and viewers, are complaining about the problem created by this bot.

Some of the twitch streamers are fed up of this particular behaviour, so they are appealing the platform heads to take necessary actions inorder to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Host00312 Twitch Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The User?

The age Host00312 appears to be somewhere around 20 to 25 years old.

However, we do not know the exact age or date of birth of the user. We have estimated his age on the basis of our assumption and the Host00312’s activities.

Regarding Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform yet. Still there are a few sources that provide minor details about them.

As mentioned earlier, Host00312 is a Twitch streamer and content creator. Currently, we could not find their Twitch handle because it is probably suspended due to violation of community guidelines and hatred.

Host00312 Twitch Hate Raid Bot Problem Explained

The rise of fake engagement on Twitch has created a huge problem in the platform.

Lot of users under the usernames hoss00312, ban hoss 00314, host00312 are banned because of similar problems of spreading hatered.

Despite all these problems the identity of those causing it is not revealed, but Twitch is actively working to eliminate all the issues in making the platform smooth and hate free.