Who Is India Duerson From Los Angeles? Taco Vendor Assault Caught On Camera

A woman named India Duerson was arrested Tuesday for intimidating a taco vendor in South Los Angeles.

She was spotted throwing all things at the vendor and spitting on everything she saw. Here is more to know about her.

Who Is India Duerson From Los Angeles?

We don’t when India Duerson took birth, who is her parents, and what is her net worth? She seems to be in her thirties which is our only assumption by inspecting her Facebook uploads.

According to her Facebook profile, she went to Christian County High School. She originally belongs to Hopkinsville, Kentucky but now she lives in Los Angeles.

We don’t think she is a celebrity but currently rose to the top of news headlines because of her attack on a street vendor which is viral on the internet.

She is seen misbehaving with the vendor and throwing her all things aside.

The viral alleged girl is active on Instagram with 452 followers and a total of 70 posts. Not much information about her is available right now as she is not an established famous woman. Everyone on the internet is searching her profiles after watching her viral video.

Taco Vendor Assault: Was She India Duerson Arrested for Assaulting Street Vendor

India Duerson was arrested on the allegation of assaulting street vendors by throwing everything and spitting everywhere in the vendor’s belongings.

According to, the action at “South Tacos Stand,” which is in the Harvard Park neighborhood near Normandie and Slauson Avenues, is captured on camera where a 30 years old woman was spotted shouting and hitting the vendor.

The unidentified woman is India Duerson, 30 years, and harshly pouring out barrels of juice and horchata, throwing food, and spitting on everything.

The reason behind the mishap was that Duerson claimed the vendor took a long time to make her burrito. According to the workers, it took police more than an hour to respond.

On Tuesday at around 4 p.m., Los Angeles Police Department officers detained Duerson on suspicion of robbery. When she was arrested, bail was set at $60,000.

Additionally, the police were expecting further information from the public.