Who Is Irene Prendergast? Paddy Prendergast Wife Partner and Children

Irene Prendergast is the wife of former Irish hurler, Paddy Prendergast. Here is everything to know about her.

The legendary Irish hurler, Paddy Prendergast has passed away at the age of 95. The Mayo All Ireland winner was reported dead on September 26, 2021.

Moreover, he was best known for his 1951 Mayo All Ireland winning team. He was the last living member of the team that won the famous trophy back then.

There are a lot of tributes and obituaries being dedicated to him following his demise. May his departed soul rest in peace.

Let’s get to know his wife.

Irene Prendergast Paddy Prendergast Wife

Irene Prendergast is best known for being the wife of the former Irish hurler, Paddy Prendergast.

The couple had been together for a very long time. And according to Paddy’s interview, Irene has been with him in his worst and supported him on each and every step of his life.

However, there aren’t that many known details about Irene for the time being. We are waiting for her statement at the moment.

Irene Prendergast Children and Family

Irene Prendergast and Paddy Prendergast shared three children, David. Neal, and Shane.

The family has appeared together on a lot of great occasions. We will try and update more information about him as soon as it is available.

Irene Prendergast Wikipedia: Is She on Instagram?

Irene Prendergast doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio of her own.

But Paddy has a well-dedicated bio on Wikipedia and deservedly so. The former full-back was in the starting lineup of the 1951 Mayo All Ireland team who won the Sam Maguire Cup 70 years ago.

Moreover, he was the last living member of the team that started the game then. He will always go down as one of the greatest sportspersons in the history of the country.

The cause of his death is still under review and we are behind it. We hope he finds peace wherever he is.