Who Is Jane Mahoney? Jimmy Barnes Wife Nationality and Net Worth

Jane Mahoney is the wife of a famous Scottish-Australian singer, songwriter, and musician Jimmy Barnes. Let us learn more about her.

They met in Canberra in 1979, and Mahoney became his girlfriend and moved in with him soon after.

Jimmy Barnes is the lead vocalist with the rock band Cold Chisel, the best-selling Australian music artist of all time.

Who Is Jane Mahoney?

Jane Mahoney is best known as the spouse of musician Jimmy Barnes.

Jane is a woman of many talents, but she prioritizes her family more than anything in the world.

For her, there is nothing more important than raising her family with the love of her life by her side.

Jane Mahoney met Jimmy Barnes in 1997. The couple started their relation and moved in together after a short period.

Then the couple got married on 22 May 1981 and have been together ever since.

They have four children together Mahalia Barnes, Eliza-Jane Barnes, Elly-May Barnes, and Jackie Barnes.

Jimmy has another son, David Campbell, from a previous relationship with Kim Campbell.

Jimmy Barnes Wife Jane Mahoney Nationality

Jane Mahoney Nationality is Thai. She is about 63 years born in 1958 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jane was raised in an extended family, and the notion of the extended family is so important to her upbringing.

She was brought up surrounded by the love of aunties and uncles, the laughter of cousins, siblings, and the aroma of chili, lemongrass, and galangal emanating from a dozen Thai kitchens.

Jane misses the memories of sitting by the fire and reminiscing in another Southern Highlands home of those years.

Her mother was one of 26 children, and her grandmother was one of seven wives. So there were always other children to play with.

Her grandfather was a wealthy businessman, and before the communist revolution, he had moved from China to Thailand.

He had left two wives behind in his homeland, and her grandmother was his first Thai wife.

Jane’s mother is Kusumphorn Visuthipol, and her father is Suvit Dejakasaya, whose marriage lasted until she was four years old.

They got divorced, and her mother won the custody of her and two sisters, Jep and Kaye.

After that, her mother fell in love with a young Australian diplomat, John Mahoney. Then they left for Canberra with him.

Jane grew up in Italy, Russia, New Guinea, Kiribati, Malta, Malaysia, as her stepfather moved a lot because of his job.

Jane Mahoney Net Worth

Jane Mahoney’s net worth is still under review.

But her husband Jimmy Barnes’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Jimmy’s source of income is generated from his successful music career and bestselling books.