MyCryptoWallet: Jaryd Koenigsmann Age And Net Worth

As for the age of mYCryptoWallet’s CEO Jaryd Koenigsman, it is 28 years.

He was born sometime in 1993. However, the exact location of his birth and parents remains a mystery. 

Jaryd’s cryptocurrency service collapsed, owing thousands to furious traders. Last week, one of Australia’s well-known platforms for alternative currency went into liquidation. Before that, the exchange boasted twenty thousand customers.

The platform, which launched in 2017 as a digital market to buy and sell cryptocurrency, came under the investigation of ASIC after users began complaining in 2019.

Jaryd’s net worth probably suffered a lot, considering the current situation. During the Blockchain Show podcast, he spoke about his earning of $40 thousand from his investment in Litecoin. He even sold his cars to provide funds for his company. 

His nomination in the 2018 Business News Australia Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards said he quickly became a successful serial entrepreneur. The praises came for his work on myCryptoWallet and two other start-ups, Node Coworking and myNewPet. 

Jaryd claimed to have owned every animal under the sun. There are even photographs of him with five sausage dogs. The puppy of such dogs costs around $350 to $3500.

Like his digital marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrency, myNewPets got liquidated with debts of $43,138 in September 2020. It happened despite the claims of the U.K. government backing it. As for Node Coworking, it found a new owner in mid-2020, 15 months after opening.

Jaryd’s Melbourne home is currently on sale for $1.3 million. Looking at it, the situation with his company seems to have hit his net worth quite hard.

Jaryd Koenigsmann Instagram

Jaryd Koenigsmann doesn’t seem to use social media services like Instagram.

Whether he doesn’t use it at all or has a username of different alias remains unknown.