Jason Beaumont Age: How Old Is The Cast From Love Is Blind?

Jason Beaumont is currently 31 years old. He was born in 1990.  Also In his thirties, he has maintained his Physique.

He revealed in Love in Blind that he works as a Flight Attendant for United Airlines. For 2 years, Beaumont worked as a store manager at Planet Fitness before becoming a flight attendant. 

And upon searching his Linkedin Profile he has a contract with United Airlines for the next five years.

Before this, he had a short career in Baseball but he had to quit it because of his injury.

Jason Beaumont Wikipedia 

Even though he is active on Social media, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia of himself, being a growing artist may be the reason for him not having Wikipedia.

He would be hoping to have Wikipedia after Love is blind which hopefully would make him known to the public.

But after the release of casts of Love is Blind, he has gained the spotlight mostly for his physical appearance.

Jason Beaumont also has a degree and majors in Sports Management from St. John Fisher College and which would come as a surprise for most people.

As a senior, he played basketball, baseball, and football, and he helped his team win several games.

Jason also likes to travel around a lot which can be seen in his Instagram account. His hobbies include working out, cooking, and traveling.

Meet Jason Beaumont on Instagram

Because he doesn’t have a Wikipedia people follow Jason Beaumont on Instagram to keep themselves updated. You can join Jason by the username of @travel.with.jb

He is almost daily active on the platform and posts often. He has more than 2300 followers and has followed around 700 persons.

Currently, he doesn’t have a verified Instagram handle but that may change after the TV series Love Is Blind.

He has posted higher than 470 posts and most of his photos include him being dressed up as Flight Attendant.

His followers are expected to grow by a lot if he shines at the Show.