Who Is Jayne Rivera? Instagram Model Slammed For Inappropriate Photos

jayne_riveraa is the username of the now famous Instagram model Jayne RIvera. She made headlines after taking a series of photos in front of her father’s coffin.

Jayne has lost a considerable number of followers on social media after her mishap.

Follow this article for more of her details.

Who Is jayne_riveraa aka Jayne Rivera?

jayne_riveraa or Jayne Rivera is a famous social media star who is being slammed online after sharing photos of her posing in front of her father’s coffin.

The fitness model underwent a massive backlash from her fans, facing comments like sick, vile, disgusting, and many more.

Jayne previously has amassed many followers and popularity from her fashion, travel, and swimwear posts. And now, she has lost most of those followers.

Jayne Rivera is a Tik Tok star from Miami, Florida, who can be seen smirking as she uploaded eight photos on Instagram.

Last week she revealed that her father, who is a veteran, had passed away.

And after that, the influencer uploaded various photos of herself posing in front of her late father’s casket.

Butterfly fly away, Rip Papi, you were my best friend. A life well-lived,” she wrote in her post.

The 20-year-old model has an OnlyFans page, where she charges her subscribers $17.99.

She had a GoFundMe page set up for her dad. She revealed her father is a disabled veteran and is seeking $1,000 to help the family. So far, she has raised over $700.

Jayne Rivera on Tiktok

Jayne Rivera has a huge following on TikTok, which is about 307.3 thousand fan followers.

She shares short lip sync videos and has gained over 2.8 million likes.

Jayne is Pro Athlete and wellness model born on 18 April 2001 in Florida, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She is of Italian/Puerto Rican Heritage.

Due to the current debate about the issue, she has not posted a recent video; her last video was posted one week ago in Tik Tok, which gathered 11.2 thousand views.

Jayne Rivera Shut Down Her Instagram

Jayne Rivera also has a huge following on Instagram as well where she frequently poses in bikinis.

After the notoriety in her image, she has shut down her Instagram for the better.

Her website described her as a pro athlete based in Miami before she shut down her Instagram after media scrutiny she faced on the internet.

She had over 80 thousand followers on the IG.

On October 25, Jayne uploaded a series of photos from the funeral in front of her dad’s casket.

She can be seen in a short black dress with stockings blocking her dad’s face by posing in front of it.

This managed to outrage her fans, and she then closed her IG before gainaing12,000 likes in her account.