Who Is Jessica Dolan? Meet Layshia Clarendon Wife On Instagram

WNBA player Layshia Clarendon and her wife Jessica Dolan, aged 30-35, got married over four years ago. The two have been together for much longer than that.

Jessica Dolan is most popularly known as the wife of WNBA star Layshia Clarendon.

Moreover, Jessica and WNBA player Layshia has been married for almost 4 years as of 2021. In addition, the pair tied the knot in the year 2017.

In fact, they were in a relationship prior to their marriage and got married over the weekend at Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley. Interestingly, they also went to college together in Berkeley.

Jessica Dolan Age: How Old Is Layshia Clarendon Wife?

Layshia Clarendon wife Jessica Dolan’s age can be estimated between 30 to 35 years old.

However, she has not yet revealed her actual age in the media yet. Also, her information is not publicly accessible, unlike her other half Layshia.

On the other hand, her wife Layshia Clarendon’s current age is 30 years old.

Moreover, Layshia was born in the year 1991 on the 2nd of May. In fact, Layshia is the first WNBA player to openly share being non-binary and complete a top surgery.

Interestingly the couple welcomed their child last year i.e. 2020 on Christmas day.

Jessica Dolan Wiki

Jessica Dolan has not been featured on Wikipedia yet.

However, she is the proud wife of WNBA player Layshia Clarendon and the loving mother of their child.

Besides that, Jessica was born and raised in the United States of America. In her Instagram bio, she refers to herself as she/her, Mrs of Layshia, and a mama.

In addition, she is also the chief operating officer (COO) of Rapinoe ventures.

Sadly, Jessica has not revealed any further details about herself on social media yet.

Jessica Dolan Family

Jessica Dolan seems to be very protective and supportive of her lovely family.

Moreover, she seems to be a family person. Looking at her profile it can be clearly seen that she is an extremely understanding and loving wife to Layshia.

In fact, the perfect chemistry and love between the two can be clearly visible from their pictures and stories.

Also, she seems to be an absolutely amazing mother. In fact, the couple seems to be enjoying their parenthood together.

However, Jessica has not yet disclosed details of her parents and siblings as of now.

Jessica Dolan Instagram

The beloved wife of WNBA player Layshia, Mrs. Jessica Dolan is quite active on her Instagram account.

In fact, her IG account is available under the handle @jessicaclarendon.

Currently, she has almost 4.2 K followers in her IG account.