Who Is Joe Haener From Shannon and the Clams? Death Cause & Obituary

According to news on the internet, Joe Haener, a musician from Shannon and the Clams, has reportedly passed away. We dedicate this obituary to the late musician.

The Indie group Shannon and the Clams are known for their unique style of music and equally breathtaking music videos. One of the artists associated with the band, Joe Haener, is no longer with us.

As per several reports, Haener was a percussionist who performed with Shannon and the Clams in various events. Besides, he also worked with several artists and bands throughout his career. May his departed soul rest in heaven.

Who Is Joe Haener From Shannon And The Clams? The Gris Gris Wikipedia Bio

Joe Haener was a percussionist and drummer for the Oakland-based band, The Gris Gris.

The psychedelic-rock band was formed in 2003 in Oakland, California. The founding members were Greg Ashley, Joe Haener, Oscar Michel, and Lars Kullberg. The band dissolved in 2009, six years after its formation.

Moreover, the band has had three albums until now. Their debut self-titled album was released in 2004. The rock band went to release their second album, For The Season, in 2005. They released their third and final album in 2009.

Besides, Haener gained a lot of fame after he reportedly performed in one of the Shannon and the Clams events. Both of these bands were from Oakland, and they would often meet each other.

Besides, Haener also gave drums for the Jesse Lortz band, Case Studies. He was a percussionist for the band’s most popular album; This is Another Life.

Shannon and the Clams is an indie garage punk quartet based in Oakland, California, best known for its vintage sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf.

Joe Haener Death Cause Obituary: What Happened?

As rumored by his fans on social media, Joe Haener has reportedly died.

However, we haven’t received any official confirmation of the passing of Joe Haener. But several posts on social media say that the musician is no longer with us. The fans of The Gris Girs are expressing their condolences on Twitter and Facebook.

Moreover, the cause of his death remains a mystery for now. The percussionist wasn’t suffering from any life-threatening illness, as far as we knew. May he find peace in the afterlife.

Tributes To Joe Haener: Condolences To His Family

The fans are giving tributes to the musician and percussionist, Joe Haener.

Even though he is gone, he will always be remembered for his beats that would take our souls to solitude. We also forward our heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s family and relatives.

Let’s give the family the privacy they need during such a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.