Who Is Judy Corry Ex Husband? New Book Details On A Unusual NFL Story

Judy Corry’s ex-husband is not known to the general public yet, her ex-husband might just be a character from one of her books and not in real life. Follow the article till the end to learn more about the author. 

Judy Corry is a New York Times bestselling YA and Contemporary Romance author. She writes romance because she is enamored with the sensation of falling in love. She’s recognized for her heart-stopping kisses, lovable characters, and hard-won happily ever afters.

The American author has published several books as of now, in fact, 10 to be precise. She has even done a series of books but the individual books come as a standalone with occasional characters crossovers.

Let us learn more about Judy Corry and take a closer look at her ex-husband and explore her Wikipedia.

Who Is Judy Corry Ex-Husband?

Judy Corry’s ex-husband NFL quarterback Vincent Lake seems to just be a fictional character of her book.

The character is alive in her book, Her Football Star Ex (A Second Chance for the Rich and Famous #3).

However, as we already discussed his real-world existence does not seem to be there. The character Lake is actually the ex-husband of Emerson another character from the book.

While the two characters are busy moving on with their own life, they cross paths at a wedding where Vincent is bringing a date, and Emerson, who signed up for online dating to bring her plus one to the wedding accidentally matches with Lake’s best friend. The drama is unreal after that.

Author Judy Corry Wikipedia Explored

Author Judy Corry does not have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio yet.

However, she does have profiles on various websites including Good Reads and Amazon. They contain some of her information with all the books she has written in order.

We have also covered everything to know about the author in this article as well for our readers and viewers.

Apart from writing, she loves to get everyone out of the house for walks during spring and summer but she avoids the outside cold during winter and while the weather is not favorable.

Judy Corry Family Details Explored

Judy Corry’s family is complete with her husband and their four children.

The couple with their four amazing children and their four-legged furry companion share a home in Utha as of now.

Although Judy’s husband’s name has not come to the surface yet, he is the same guy who took Judy to prom according to Amazon.

The couple has been together for several years as of now, and she names her husband and her children as her greatest motivators and cheerleaders as an author and writer according to Melanie Hooyenga.