Who Is Kelliann Ladd? Learn About Alan Ladd Jr. Daughter Wikipedia 

According to Wikipedia, Kelliann Ladd is the daughter of Alan Ladd Jr. She is a film and television producer. 

According to her LinkedIn profileKelliann Ladd earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture & interior design in 2003. 

However, she had started her career in films and television long before she got her degree. She co-produced A Very Brady Sequel in 1994. From 2007 through 2009, she became the owner and co-founder of London Chic, a clothing shop that imports from England.

She was also an interior designer from 2009 to 2011. But, since 2012, she has worked as the feature films and television producer in Kelliann Ladd’s production. Some of her works are An unfinished life, Masquerade, Body Double, Police Academy 2:Their First Assignment. 

Who is Kelliann Ladd Family?

Kelliann Ladd’s family is her parents and siblings. She is the daughter of American film executive and producer Alan Ladd Jr. However, and it is unknown who her mother is because her dad got married twice and had children with both of them. 

Nevertheless, she has three other siblings named Tracy Ladd, Amanda Ladd, and Chelsea Ladd. However, her sister Chelsea Ladd died in 2021, but the reason is unknown. 

Is Kelliann Ladd Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Kelliann Ladd has not revealed the information about her husband. Moreover, it is unclear whether she is married or not. 

She is also unavailable on any social media platform, making it difficult to find any details about her personal life. In addition, it does not seem she may have any kids because no source reports that Alan Ladd was a grandfather. 

Explore Kelliann Ladd’s Net Worth

Kellian Ladd has not revealed the details about her net worth. However, she has produced several films, which seems to be her source of income. 

But, her father had an impressive net worth of $75 million. In addition, he was an oscar winning movie producer who has played an important role in developing the Stars Wars.