Who Is Kimmi Chex? Wikipedia Bio And Age Details Of The TV Personality

American journalist and NFL analyst Kimmi Chex, also known as Kimberly Chexnayder, hails from the United States. She appears to be a regular contributor or host on many NFL channels.

Nevertheless, the journalist focuses on fantasy soccer throughout the soccer season. Because it allows league spectators to assemble their team of players with their favorite players, fantasy soccer is growing in popularity worldwide.

You are welcome to study more about Kimmi and look better at her age, husband, ethnicity, and Instagram.

Who Is Kimmi Chex? Wikipedia Bio

Kimmi Chex is a famous on-air personality for NFL media after she joined in 2018. Besides, she is an American journalist who completed her schooling at a private school. Chexnayder earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication and a Certificate in critical cultural competence from the University of Iowa.

The journalist is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 56 kg. She has black eyes colored and hair too.

The vibrant journalist Kimmi Chex joined NFL Media in 2018 as a Rotation Business Analyst and worked within the New York and Los Angeles offices in the Fan Centric, Database Marketing, Fantasy Football Content and Event, and [email protected] Strategy areas.

She currently serves as a host and contributor on numerous NFL Media shows and platforms as a full-time personality for the league. Additionally, she hosts NFL events, including the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, NFL Draft, etc., and serves as a red carpet correspondent for the league.

Kimmi is also the host of the brand-new NFL Realtime Talk with the NFL series. This platform serves as an NFL Social Justice platform, supporting NFL player voices and emphasizing the league’s connections to Black culture.

Chexnayder was included in Front Office Sports’ 25 Under 25 and 2020 lists from The Athletic’s 40 Under 40: The Rising Stars Changing the NFL. She is a Los Angeles resident.

Chexnayder has a fascination for the convergence of the things millennials like herself hold to—fashion, music, sports, and politics—outside of her position at the NFL. Her Twitter account and personal life are active in how she keeps up with current events and subjects, sparks discussions about how they all relate and infiltrates those areas with her perspective as a Black woman.

She uses social media rather frequently. She joined Twitter in March 2011 and uses the handle @kimmichex. She has 24.5K followers and 6,705 tweets. Her most frequent tweets are about sports, particularly football.

Kimmi Chex Age and Ethnicity

Kimmi Chex seems to be between the ages of 25 and 30 based on her photographs and line of work. However, she hasn’t yet known her exact age to most people.

It’s difficult for Chex’s fans to send her birthday wishes because information on her due date hasn’t surfaced either. The identities of Kimmi Chex’s mother and father are still a mystery.

The journalist has kept all the information about her personal life confidential. Thus her family and siblings have also remained unidentified.

According to her photographs, Kimmi Chex might be of the Black race. But as of yet, she has avoided discussing her race in public.

Currently, Kimmi resides in Los Angeles, California, and previously she lived in New York. Since there is no information regarding Kimmi obtaining citizenship in another country, she may be an American citizen globally.

The weekly Fantasy Football program called “Fantasy League” is hosted by Chex. Before this, she held positions in the business development, international media, event revenue and strategy, and Centri Database Marketing divisions. She enjoys politics, sports, fashion, and music a lot.

Is Kimmi Chex Married? Meet Her Husband On Instagram

Kimmi Chex is a married woman, hitched to a Hollywood reporter Jason White. According to Kimmi’s captions to her Instagram photographs, she and Jason have been recently married as she wrote my sexy, funny & forever valentine, I love you husband.

In front of 130 guests who had received vaccinations, Kimmi Chex and Jason White exchanged vows on December 31, 2021, at the Universal Life Church. 45-years-old the chief marketing officer at MTV Entertainment is Jason White. He was once the Curaleaf cannabis company’s chief of marketing.

Regarding her family and personal information, the journalist looks pretty discreet. The NFL reporter has recently celebrated her dating anniversary with her boyfriend posting on her Instagram writing- Happy dating anniversary, soulmate with red hearts.

The couple initially communicated on LinkedIn for professional reasons before starting to follow one another on Instagram. Despite criticism over their age gap, the pair managed to marry because of their love.

Instagram users can find Kimmi Chex by searching for her under the account @kimmichex. Her Instagram account currently has 576 posts and over 34.3k followers. Additionally, Chex frequently shares beautiful self-portraits on her Instagram account, displaying her beauty.