Who Is Kita Rose On TikTok? Here’s What We Know

Kita Rose is a TikTok star who is known for her comedy content on the platform.

She began her Tiktok career by uploading a rant video on her Tiktok account, kitarose_. She keeps her follower updated as she posts daily about random topics on her tiktok account.

She is popular on the platform as her video gets watched by hundred thousand to million viewers.

Who Is Kita Rose On TikTok?

If you are a Tiktok user, you might know Kita Rose, as she is a well-known name on the platform.

She is active on the platform as kitarose_ and has about 2.9 million followers. Similarly, her account has received a total of 84.2 million likes.

She jumped into the popular platform TikTok through her first video, a rant video. The name of the video is If his words and actions don’t MATCH that’s CAP.

She seems to have uploaded more than a hundred videos on her Tiktok account. Rose seems to upload videos on the platform daily. Kita uploaded her recent video in tiktok 17 hours ago. In the video, she was seen talking about forgiveness and fake forgiveness.

Her recent video has got about 229.4k views in it.

Kita was born on October 19, 1993, in Dallas, Texas. She has not given many insights about her family, but it is believed that she is of a multi-racial ethnicity.

When she was a child, she was interested in fashion and modeling. Her childhood was spent in the love and care of her parents. Rose’s parents have been supportive and helped her follow her dreams. Similarly, she has not shared her education and qualifications.

How Kita Rose To Fame On TikTok?

Kita Rose rose to fame on tiktok through her comedy videos on the platform.

She has maintained her fame on the tiktok by being frequently active on the platform. Besides being a Tiktok star, she is also a fitness and fashion enthusiast.

She shares snippets from her Tiktok videos in her Instagram feed. Similarly, she is also seen sharing her outfits and fashionable pictures on her Instagram feed. Kita is active on Instagram as kitarose_ and has about 363k followers. She has shared about 649 posts on Instagram.

Besides being on Tiktok and Instagram, she is also on Twitter as @IamKitaRose and has about 3.4k followers. She is active on her social media platforms and shares views regarding various topics.

She shared that she was in a reality t.v show and has shared about it through a video. But some people were telling it as if they found out about it while the person who share it was she.

She talked about it as there were people who tagged her on the video and told her to talk about it. Rose was in the reality show two years ago, and people usually dig up this video when she is canceled.

Kita shared that there is not much to dig up in the video as a content creator; she is not talking badly about anything or being in controversies.

She accepted that she was in the TV show and posted the video about 89 weeks ago, and is still there. Most people say she is being exposed, but she doesn’t know what she is being exposed to as the video was posted by herself on her social media accounts.