Who Is Larry Elder Wife, Alexandra Datig? All We Know About The American Radio Host

Larry Elder married his former wife, Alexandra Datig, from 2013 to 2015. However, the couple separated due to several issues.

Conservative talk radio personality and right-wing political pundit Laurence Allen Elder was born in the United States on April 27, 1952. He is currently 70 years old. According to the Elder’s date of birth and astrologers, his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Elder hosts the California-based Larry Elder Show. The program launched in 1993 as a local organization on Los Angeles local radio KABC and remained there until 2008, then went back from 2010 to 2014. Initially via ABC Radio Networks from 2002 to 2007 and afterward through Salem Media Group from 2015 until 2022, the program is nationally syndicated.

He still has connections to the Falun Gong movement’s far-right newspaper, The Epoch Times. Former lawyer Elder has authored books on the subject and a well-read column for Creators Syndicate.

He went into politics for the first time in 2021, running as a Republican in the recall vote for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California. Elder completed top among the renewal candidates, and the recall was soundly defeated.

Who Is Larry Elder’s Wife, Alexandra Datig?

Although Larry Elder is currently divorced, he was once married. He first got married to his longtime partner, a personal trainer.

The 51-year-old said the event took place after a contentious disagreement when their relationship was about to end.

From 1996 through 2012, Elder dated Patricia Stewart; they have stayed friends ever since.

Elder revealed that he had been accused of harassment twice in 2011 radio show episodes and refuted both claims. In one instance, Elder asserted that the woman was too unappealing for him to harass her, adding, “You would have known that the image would serve as a perfect defense if you had seen her. Just passing along.” Elder was accused of abuse by his ex-fiancée Alexandra in 2021.

She said Elder insisted she gets inked with “Larry’s Girl” as a sign of her devotion and that, while “high” on cannabis, he once drew a gun on her and threatened to shoot her.

After Datig’s accusations were made public, the editorial board of The Sacramento Bee and rival contenders Caitlyn Jenner and Kevin Faulconer urged Elder to drop out of the campaign.

Larry Elder’s Net Worth In 2022

Larry Elder’s net worth is approximately $6 million in 2022. He is pretty rich as he is a political commentator and conservative talk radio host.

Elder joined Squire, Sanders & Dempsey in Cleveland as an attorney after earning his law degree. He started the law-related executive recruitment company Laurence A. Elder and Associates in 1980. Around 1987, Elder stopped running Elder and Associates, but he remained the company’s owner until 1995.

The Supreme Court of Ohio Attorney Directory site says that Elder’s ability to work as a lawyer in Ohio has been administratively prohibited since December 2005 due to a failure to file the necessary papers.

In 1988, Elder started co-hosting Fabric, a topical television program created by Dennis Goulden and shown on Cleveland’s PBS affiliate WVIZ. Along with fellow conservatives Laura Ingraham and Fred Barnes, he presented the PBS program National Desk in 1997.

Elder anchored the episodes Title IX and Women in Sports: Just what is Wrong With This Picture, which critiqued Title IX, and Redefining Racism: Refreshing Voices From Dark America.

Elder received a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award in 2000 for his Making Waves – LAUSD KCAL-TV News program. In 2000 and 2001, Elder served as the host of the Warner Brothers Television courtroom drama Moral Court. He served as the host of the Warner Bros.-distributed syndicated discussion showed The Larry Elder Show in 2004.

He produced a self-financed movie in 2005 titled Michael & Me, in which he challenges Bowling for Columbine director Michael Moore’s viewpoint.

Larry Elder’s Career As Radio Commentator And Writer

Larry Elder’s career as a radio commentator and writer is doing great. From 1994 through December 2008, Elder held a weekday evening talk show on the Los Angeles talk radio station KABC. Elder contributed op-eds to Cleveland area newspapers in the late 1980s.

Then, in December 2009, he started a webcast and a daily live podcast. KABC welcomed Elder back in September 2010. Elder was let go by KABC in December 2014 after his afternoon broadcast. In 2015, he received recognition with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Through Creators Syndicate, Elder started penning a globally syndicated column in 1998; Until April 2012, Elder published a weekly column in the Los Angeles Daily News.

Elder joined the CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks lineup in June 2015. The Larry Elder Show started receiving nationwide syndication in August 2015 via the Salem Radio Network, which includes Los Angeles station KRLA. In a 2020 NPR interview with Jean Guerrero, she claimed that Elder had informed her that Miller had been a guest on his radio show 69 times.

Miller had first called into the program as a high school student, and Elder had been impressed.

Miller, who lists Elder as an inspiration, later joined the Trump administration and was the mind behind the president’s immigration regulations. After six years, Elder abruptly ended his afternoon shift on Salem Radio on April 4, 2022.

Carl Jackson, his usual stand-in host, who had taken Elder’s place when the latter was running for governor of California, has once more been designated as the temporary stand-in host until a replacement is chosen.

Political Commentator Larry Elder’s Family

Political commentator Larry Elder was born in a loving family in Los Angeles and grew up in the city’s Pico-Union and South Central area.

His father, Randolph (1915–2011), born in Athens, Georgia, served as a sergeant in the US Marine Corps during World War II before the Second Great Migration from Georgia to California after the war. Around 1962, Randolph Elder established a coffeehouse in Pico-Union after serving as a sweeper at Nabisco.

His mother was a Democrat, and his father was a Republican. Elder, a Fairfax High School honors student who also took advanced classes, emerged from Crenshaw High School in 1970 and acquire his Bachelor of Arts in political science from Brown University in 1974. Later, in 1977, he collected his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Meet Larry Elder On Social Media Platforms

Larry Elder can be met on several social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. His account has been verified on both social media sites.

Larry’s username on Instagram is @larryeldershow, with 1.1 million followers, whereas he is not seen following anyone.

Elder further wrote Patriot Mobile contributes a portion of each dollar it makes to organizations that work to advance causes that are important to the U.S. His bio on the respective site says, “The Sage from South Central. Join me because we have a state and a country to save.”