Who Is Lauren Orlando? Canadian Vlogger Johnny Orlando’s Sister – Details To Know

Johnny Orlando is a renowned singer, songwriter, actor, and vlogger from Canada who has three sisters named Lauren Orlando, Darian Orlando, and Maddie Orlando.

Orlando is the big brother of his sister Lauren Orlando as he is more than a year older.

He initially attracted netizens on social media by uploading pop song covers by musicians like Austin Mahone, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes on his YouTube channel. He was a contender for Artist of the Year at the Juno Awards. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, the singer won three MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Canadian Act.

On May 18, 2018, he got a contract with Universal Music Canada. Since then, the vlogger has released singles including “Day and Night,” “What If,” “Last Summer,” “Waste My Time,” “All These Parties,” “Phobias,” “See You,” and several others.

When he was 12 years old, his first EP, VXIIXI, was released. Teenage Fever, his second EP, was made available on March 15, 2019.

At the end of July 2020, it got revealed that MTV has an agreement for consumer goods with Orlando.

He said in October 2020 that It’s Never Really Over, his third EP, will be published on October 23, 2020.

Who Is Lauren Orlando? Johnny Orlando’s Sister

Lauren Orlando is the younger sibling of his renowned celebrity brother, Johnny Orlando.

She is a professional model, actor, YouTuber, TikTok star, and online celebrity from Canada. She initially gained notoriety on YouTube because of her participation on the channel of her older brother Johnny Orlando.

Johnny’s siblings achieved recognition as kid superstars because of their brother’s YouTube stardom and the younger sister’s recurrent presence in his videos.

When she was seven, she first appeared on Johhny’s YouTube channel. Viewers enjoyed the content produced by both siblings. Because of her rapid success on social media, Lauren decided to launch her own YouTube channel in March 2013.

With her popular vlogs, challenges, and other IRL material that frequently included Johnny, Lauren’s self-titled YouTube channel had gained over 340,000 followers in less than three years.

Orlando attracted a lot of appreciation for her early videos, which included sketches, vlogs, Q&As, and collections of Johnny doing amusing things.

One can explore Lauren on her YouTube channel with her name. Her channel has now amassed over 1.5 million followers and uploaded content as of October 2022.

On December 5, 2011, Darian created a YouTube account for Johnny called “JohnnyOsings” and uploaded a cover of him singing “Mistletoe.”

Due to their bathroom’s fantastic acoustics, Orlando and his sister decided to record their videos.

To their amazement, the video went viral and caught the attention of people and listeners. The viral video received more than 100,000 views in a month, far above their initial expectation of no more than 100 views.

Darian directed, filmed, produced, and edited every one of Johnny’s videos. On the other hand, Johnny and Lauren kept releasing covers of well-known musical artists on his YouTube account, including Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Austin Mahone, and Selena Gomez.

She is surrounded by fame, yet she struggles to communicate with admirers because she is speechless when she first meets them. But she’s trying to improve her communication abilities.

Because many admirers have questioned her about using the trending video-sharing app TikTok, Lauren decided to give it a go between late 2017 and early 2018.

The TikTok handle with the username @laurenorlando has amassed over 5.4 million followers and over 252.3 million likes as of October 2022.

She rose in the TikTok platform thanks to what began as duets, covers, and lip-syncs but gradually evolved into some of the most entertaining IRL footage.

Lauren Orlando Age

As of 2022, Lauren Orlando is currently 17 years old and was born to her father, Dale Orlando, and mother, Rossana Burgos Orlando, in 2004 in Mississauga, Canada.

Every year, Orlando will celebrate her upcoming 18th birthday the day after tomorrow, November 4, 2022, with her friends and family.

Dale Orlando, the father of Lauren Orlando, presided over the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association as its president. He is currently employed as a lawyer. Rossana Burgos, her mother, is a stay-at-home mom.

Apart from that, the social media celebrity has two sisters named Maddie Orlando and Darian Orlando and one brother named Johnny Orlando.

Her elder brother Johnny Orlando is a well-known Pop singer. Moreover, Lauren’s elder sister Darian is a YouTube star who is very talented. She is the one who writes songs for Johnny Orlando and does the editing of Lauren Orlando and Johnny Orlando’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Maddie Orlando, the eldest child in the home, is an Instagram model and influencer.

On all of Lauren’s social media channels, all her family members are featured frequently. The influencer stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm). Likewise, Orlando’s last recorded weight was around 50 kg.

Looking at the uploaded posts of the actress, she has green-colored eyes with blonde hair.

Lauren was raised in a creative household where everyone is passionate about creating something great on social media. The remaining family members are YouTube Stars, while half are Instagram Stars. Fortunately, Orlando is the one who has experience in both fields, as well as acting.

The model’s early years were primarily spent participating in various sports and attending school. But by age 7, she had developed the habit of posting films on YouTube. She started producing videos on YouTube at that point. She is about 18 years old, but it appears that she has been in front of the public for more than ten years.

The well-known figure on social media likes dogs and intends to have 10 of them living with her when she is older. One can explore the model on her Instagram handle under the username @laurenorlando88. Orlando successfully accumulated over 4.5 million followers in her verified Instagram profile.

She has uploaded 883 total posts to her handle. The vlogger generally uploads pictures of her friends or herself portraits, mostly outdoors, on Instagram.

The influencers have been able to grab the attention of her beloved followers and keep them sticking to her profile through engaging and exciting uploads.

Lauren Orlando’s Net Worth In 2022

Lauren Orlando has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Her popularity on Instagram and TikTok, which has led to several sponsored gigs for her and her profession as a model and actor, account for most of her income.

She has amassed a sizable following on all her social media platform with over 5.4 million TikTok followers, over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, over 424.4k followers on Twitter, and over 1.5 million subscribers to Orlando’s YouTube channel.

Therefore, the social media influencer may make between $3.46k and $5.19k for each post on TikTok, excluding offers sponsored by brands.

She might make between $9,032 and $15,054 for a brand-sponsored post on Instagram. Lauren makes somewhere between $362 and $5.8K per annum on YouTube from other brand advertisements between her content.

According to figures from only Los Angeles, a professional actor’s yearly salary is projected to be between $55,601 and $67,406. Hence, one can assume that Orlando’s earnings as an actor might be in the upper range mentioned in the above line.

Lauren is not just a social media star and a hugely popular YouTuber; she is also a well-known actor in four TV shows, most notably Kate in Brat’s Total Eclipse.

In addition to Orlando’s prominent and successful presence on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, as was already established, she is also a well-known actor. The model has been in four TV programs, and her depiction of Kate in Brat’s Total Eclipse won her praise from critics. The current film Next Level has a scene with Lauren.

With all these accomplishments, it is quite a feat for a 17-year-old to host The Sister Diary, a podcast that includes Maddie, Lauren’s younger sister.

As previously indicated, Lauren was able to use her notoriety and following from her and Johnny’s YouTube channel to establish herself as one of North America’s most well-known TikToker. There is no information accessible on Lauren’s spending because she hasn’t mentioned it in any public or social media outlets.

According to specific YouTube postings, the actress resides with her older brother Johnny and family in the luxurious Beverly Hills estate.

The young star has worked hard and patiently despite how young she is. Lauren loves to amuse others in any manner she can, and she never passes up an opportunity to do so.