Raising Dion: Who Is Ja’Siah Young Mother, Lawaine Young?

Lawaine Young is proud of the young emerging American star Ja’Siah Young. She looks after a bit of kid while driving the young actor to auditions and filming. Ja’Siah is not his mother’s only kid; he has a two-year-old sister.

According to Lawaine’s LinkedIn profile, she completed her bachelor’s degree from Salem Univerisity, specializing in Criminal Justice in CSI. She also received a Master’s degree from the same university in international business. 

She entered the professional world as an intern at Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center. Following her internship, she began to work as Correction Officer at Northampton County. 

Likewise, from 2015-to 2016, she worked as a Berks and Beyond Employment recruiter. After that, she had accumulated work experience as a property manager, banker, and production technician in several companies like Big Mom Inc, Wells Fargo, and Nestle Inc. 

After serving in various companies, she started her own business. She is now the owner of Lawaine Young Consulting & Coaching. 

Know About Lawaine Young Age And Husband

Lawaine Young has not revealed her age and husband’s name in the media. Besides, judging from the pictures on the social media platform, it seems she is a single mother. 

She is looking after her two kids with the help of her mother. Some pictures on the internet signify that the actor and his little sister are taken care of by their grandmother. 

There are no pictures or any information about his father. Thus, many people think that she may be a single mom. Nevertheless, she has not confirmed those speculations or mentioned her married life to the public. 

Lawaine Young Net Worth Explored 

Lawaine Young has not revealed her net worth details yet. However, she is an entrepreneur who owns Lawaine Young Consulting & Coaching. Previously, she has accumulated experience working for several companies like Nestle Inc, Wells Fargo, Big Mom Inc, etc. 

In addition, her son is a well-known American child actor. He is best known for his portrayal as Dion Warren in Netflix’s science-fiction series “Raising Dion.” Likewise, he is renowned for his portrayal as Justin Simpson in the mystery and drama film “Nicole and O.J.” 

Thus, as her son is still a child, she may be the one who manages his finances or income that comes from acting. Furthermore, her young daughter is also trying to become a young diva, as seen in her personal I.G. profile.