Who Is Lieb Bester Ex Wife Hanlie Bester? Family Children And Cause Of Death

Lieb Bester lost his ex-wife Hanlie Bester to a horrific crime scene back in 2002. Here’s what you need to know about the late actor’s personal life.

Lieb Bester was a South African actor and musician. He has been termed as one of the pioneer and veteran artists for his contributions to the South African biz industry.

As of July 21, he passed away at the age of 72 due to Covid-19 complications. He is best known for roles in Afrikaans TV soaps like kykNET’s Villa Rosa and Binnelanders, per IMDb.

Who Is Lieb Bester Ex-Wife Hanlie Bester?

Lieb Bester was married to his ex-wife Hanlie Bester for more than a decade until their separation. Moreover, Hanlie lost her life in a homicide in 2002 as she was shot by her neighbor along with her two daughters.

Out of Hanlie and her two daughters, only Nicole survived the incident, according to News 24. Nicole was just ten years old when the incident and the news spread like wildfire back in the day.

It is not known who the current partner of Lieb is as of now. However, it is sure that she supported him through thick and thins.

Meet Lieb Bester Family and Children 

Lieb Bester did not reveal his possible new family or children other than Nicole in his lifetime. He was considerate about his personal and family life; hence, he maintained a distance from the limelight.

Hence, his professional ventures are more talked about in public rather than his life matters. The complete insiders on his surviving family and children will be updated as soon as we trace down any relatable information.

Lieb Bester Cause Of Death Revealed

Lieb Bester’s main cause of death is Covid-19 complications. He was hospitalized on July 3 after he tested the virus for the second time.

He had previously survived Covid-19 and called it a miracle after his recovery. This time, he returned from the hospital on July 13 and was recovering at home until his death today.