Who Is Lindsay Alder? Here Is What We Know About Steve Wojciechowski Wife

Steve Wojciechowski’s wife Lindsay Alder, is a registered nurse whose passion is caring for people. Similarly, Steve recently shared that he is not prepared to resume coaching at colleges.

The incident is currently occurring during a Hot Power class at PC Yoga Collective in Park City, where Wojciechowski, 46, has been residing for the past 18 months with his wife and their two sons.

According to The Athletic, while serving as an assistant basketball coach at his alma mater, Duke, Wojciechowski first learned about hot yoga 15 years ago.

It provided a much-needed lubricant for his old joints and a pleasant break from the season’s grind. Throughout his seven years as the head coach at Marquette, he kept up the routine.

Following his dismissal in March 2021, Wojciechowski relocated his family to Park City and started attending PC Yoga Collective frequently.

Quick Facts:

Steven Michael Wojciechowski

Age 46 years old
Parents Ed Wojciechowski Sr., and Peggy Wojciechowski
Siblings Ed and Christine Wojciechowski
Wife Lindsay Alder
Children Jack and Charlie Wojciechowski

Steve Wojciechowski Wife Lindsay Alder Is A Nurse Practioner

The former Marquette University head coach’s wife, Lindsay Wojciechowski (née Alder), is a practitioner nurse who works in Wauwatosa, WI. She was raised close to Salt Lake City, where her parents now reside.

Although the gorgeous wife of an American basketball player is active on Instagram, where she has posted over 324 times, her account is regrettably set to private.

Usually, her husband posts her images to his social media accounts, where the married couple can be seen enjoying themselves after several decades of marriage.

Basically, Steve routinely shares photos of himself and his wife while on vacation or out to lunch with other married couples.

Both The Husband And Wife Recorded To Be 46 Years Old

Steve and Lindsay, his wife, are of similar age. They are both reported to be 46 years old.

In essence, Steve shared an image on November 8, 2016, wishing his wife a happy 40th birthday. As a result, as of 2022, Lindsay will be 46.

According to the calculations, her birthday might be listed as November 8, 1976. She was also in a Salt City neighborhood.

In contrast, Wojciechowski was a Severna Park, Maryland native, born on August 11, 1976.

Steve And Wife Lindsay’s First Anniversary Instagram Post Was Made On August 2013

The 46-year-old initially shared information about his wedding on August 13, 2013, marking their anniversary. Although the couple’s precise wedding date is unknown, they may have been dating from the beginning of their careers.

Additionally, based on the age of their son, Jack, who is now 15 years old, the couple may have been married for more than 15 years.

Decades-Long Marriage, Steve And Lindsay Are Parents To Two Kids

The couple is proud parents to two sons, Jack, 15, and Charlie, 12. Despite having two children, the former basketball player’s Wikipedia profile only lists the name of his one son, Charlie.

His two sons are carrying on their father’s legacy. Perhaps this is the third generation of the family to play sports.

With his son Jack’s eighth-grade football team, Steve started his coaching career as an assistant. Wojciechowski readily runs stations, complies with coach requests, and generally encourages the lads despite his admission that he knows nothing about football—”like Ted Lasso in reverse.”

According to The Athletic, he enjoys having Jack as a captive audience as they travel in his pickup during the long drives to sessions.

When Wojciechowski chose to lead the Park City Minors, a sixth-grade basketball team that included his younger son, Charlie, he was in more comfortable territory.

The team started with a losing streak of five games but finished strong. Although these gigs initially seemed to be a far cry from the Big East, Wojciechowski was surprised by how familiar they felt.

In addition, he claimed that coaching eighth-grade football and sixth-grade basketball was just as much fun as coaching college students.

The Family Moved From Milwaukee To Salt City

Former Marquette University basketball coach Steven M. Wojciechowski, his wife Lindsay Alder, a nurse practitioner, and their two sons have resided on farmland on Mequon’s southern edge since July 29, 2014.

The 7,945 square foot home with five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms was sold for $1,325,000.

Similarly, the Wojciechowski family loved Milwaukee, and their sons were content there, but they felt it would be best to go elsewhere and start over. After selling their property, they took a trip to Hawaii before relocating to Park City, where they had initially planned to buy a second home a few years ago.

The start of the new school year brought a sense of normalcy for Lindsay and the boys. It signaled a strange new normal for Wojciechowski—the first winter without basketball in a long time.

Besides, the father of two, Steve doesn’t ski or play golf, two trendy sports in Park City, yet he has no trouble keeping himself busy.

In addition to all the traveling he and his wife, Lindsay, undertake to get to school and rehearsals, Wojciechowski has taken up hiking, spending hours at a time, often with his two dogs along for the ride, exploring the many trails in the area.

He participated in a few endurance events, including the 29029 at the Snowbasin resort, in which competitors climbed the mountain 13 times over two days to equal Mount Everest’s elevation. Also, he completed a half-marathon in Salt Lake City and a full marathon in Tucson.

The Wojciechowski Family Includes His Parents Ed Sr. And Peggy

Steve was born as the youngest child of his parents, Ed Wojciechowski Sr. and Peggy Wojciechowski. He basically grew up with his two siblings, a sister named Christine and a brother named Ed.

His mother and father can be seen having a great time with their grandsons in several photos that he has uploaded on Instagram.

In addition, on February 5, 2018, he wished his father a happy 77th birthday. He thanked him for being an inspiration with his work ethic, high standards, and capacity for yelling at the authorities.

Likewise, Wojciechowski honored the 53rd wedding anniversary of his parents on January 30, 2018.

Steve Born With An Athletic DNA

At Glen Burnie High School, his father, Ed Sr., was the class valedictorian in addition to being an outstanding athlete. Similarly, at Severna Park High School, brothers Ed, and Christine, who are around ten years older than Steve, excelled in several varsity sports. They were also excellent athletes.

When he was younger, Steve gave everything, whether it was playing sports, studying, or mowing the neighbors’ lawns, to make money.

That ferocity and commitment never wavered. Mike Dahlem, who assisted in coaching him at Cardinal Gibbons, recalls seeing Wojciechowski for the first time as a seventh-grader during a basketball competition for middle schools in Arbutus.

According to the Capital Gazette, Dahlem was positioned in the gymnasium’s front row of bleachers, scouting for talented athletes who might be interested in attending Cardinal Gibbons. He once witnessed a wayward ball flying out of bounds straight at him.

The top universities in the country, like Duke and the University of North Carolina, recruited him. But it wasn’t his exceptional athleticism that placed him in high demand. His dedication to winning and work ethic made him a star at Gibbons and Duke.

Further, his mother claimed that he possessed a quality that inspired him to achieve greatness.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Steve Wojciechowski?

Steven Michael Wojciechowski, also known as Wojo, is 46 years old. He was born on August 11, 1976, in Severna Park, Maryland, United States.

Is Steve Wojciechowski Married?

Steve Wojciechowski is married to his wife, Lindsay Alder, a nurse practitioner.