Who Is Localtumbleweed On TikTok? Age, Real Name And Net Worth

TikTok star who runs TikTok app under the handle Localtumbleweed has set the internet on fire after her videos went viral.

Localtumbleweed is a TikToker whose videos went viral overnight. She is talented, and her calm demeanor in handling hyper customers while doing her customer service job at a renowned hotel is commendable.

On October 24, Localtumbleweed filmed a long three-min video when she was dealing with a male customer who made a reservation in the hotel through a third party

When he, along with his spouse and two young kids, came to check in to the hotel room, he found out that one suite reservation has made and no other rooms were available at that time. The suite has one king-sized bed and a pull-out sofa.

Localtumbleweed stated that he either canceled the reservation or took the reserved suite room. In the video, the man said it won’t make any sense. He doesn’t want to stay with another adult (presumably his spouse) and two children in a suite room because it was too expensive for him.

Localtumbleweed TikTok Video Took Over The Internet

TikToker Localtumbleweed became an internet sensation within no time. Her video where she handled the angry customer and gracefully solve the problem.

40.1 million users have viewed her video, and it has 6.2 million likes as of November 2022. Can you believe it?

People are overwhelmed by how calmly she handled the chaotic situation. You can watch the video above.

In the full three-min video, Localtumbleweed is handling the customer issues professionally. A man, possibly named Karen, booked his suite through the app.

Whatsoever, the suite has one king-size bed and a pull-out sofa. The customer, anyhow, wants a room with more beds. He asked Localtumbleweed if she could manage other rooms or swap the rooms reserved by the other customers.

Unfortunately, the hotel was fully booked without clear information in the first part.

Localtumbleweed has no idea that her first video was going to be viral in just one night. She later uploaded a second part as per the viewers’ request.

In that video, the man canceled his reservation at the end. He said he will cancel the reservation if there was no penalty. Localtumbleweed replied by saying, no, you just have to call and let them know that you want to cancel the reservation, that’s it?

Localtumbleweed’s Age And Real Name

Sadly, not much is known about Localtumbleweed’s age as of now. By looking at her videos, she must be in her late thirties.

In addition, Localtumbleweed hasn’t disclosed any bio on her TikTok profile. Her real name is unknown, but she is famous for her online moniker, Localtumbleweed.

As per Know Your Meme, Localtumbleweed is an employee of Holiday Inn Express. Besides that, we know nothing about the staff of the Holiday Inn. She is a professional front desk staff.

Local tumble weed’s recent video on TikTok says she speaks Spanish well. Some viewers speculated that she is Latina-American.

She has been sharing videos afterward. She revealed that she did get some days off from her job. She got vacation time. She shared a greenscreen video showing the DMS of recently.

How Much Does Localtumbleweed Make From Her Job?

Localtumbleweed works as a front desk staff at a reputed hotel.

As per Glassdoor, the estimated salary for a Customer Service Representative at Holiday Inn Express is $15 per hour. The roughly estimated annual earnings of customer service staff might have five figures.