Who Is Mary Ann Hughes Now? 

Mary Ann is the wife of her dead husband, Larry. The couples used to live with each other until he got murdered. 

Ann was the second marriage of Lary. At the time, she was a single mother with three children of her own. 

All of their family and friends used to think of them as a cheerful and happy couple. Little did they know, those pair would face such a devastating incident that would change their life. 

After 17 years of their marriage, Mary reported her husband missing. More than ten days after Lary went missing, his dead body got found.   

On 19 Oct 2016, Ann was charged with the first-degree murder of her spouse. Almost two years after her arrest warrant, she pleaded guilty. 

She got sentenced to 10 years of probation in jail. As of now, she is still serving her time in prison.


Widow Arrested In The Larry Hughes Murder – What Are Mary Ann Hughes Charges?

Mary and Larry started living together after their children moved away. When she reported her husband’s missing report, she explained that she thought he ran off with other women. 

She was a potential suspect even at the beginning of the case, but the investigators could not found enough evidence for it. They thought that she would need an alibi for the murder. 

Moreover, she failed all the polygraph examinations done for the case study. Only after searching Hughes’ previous house did they find the evidence. 

Therefore, after years of wait, Mary has pressed charges with first-degree murder in 2016. She was guilty of the manslaughter of her spouse. 

What Is Mary Ann Hughes Age?

At the time of getting charged, she was 69 years of age. When she turned 72 years, she was found guilty of murdering her husband. 

As of 2021, she is 74 years old, and when her probation time ends in 2029, she will reach 82 years of age. 

When the murder incident happened with Larry, she was in her early 40s. She was living with her husband in a small town with a 100-acre farm.