Who Is Mercury Rapper? Here’s What We Know About The Atlanta Rapper-Skateboarder

Mercury rapper is gaining popularity through her rap music. Let’s find out more about Mercury rapper and her distinctive music.

The artist introduced herself to the audience with her single “Slob On My Kat” also, her debut album, Merctape 2021, performed well in the eyes of both audience and critics.

The artist does seem to have a passion for skating, but her busy career schedule in writing music appears to have delayed her prospect of enjoying the board.

Regardless, she is getting positive notoriety for her distinctive personality, music, and MC skills.

Who Is Mercury Rapper? How Old Is She?

Mercury is a talented 21-year-old rapper. She is from Atlanta; she began her career with Merctape in 2021.

According to Pitchfork, the artist’s latest album is Tabula Rasa. She is a promising MC with a passion for the state board. The rapper wanted to do well in the field of the male-dominated form.

Similar to rapping, she found home with her state board as well. The artist seems to get motivation and aspirations by dividing her time between her album.

During her teenage, she was mainly in the hospital; the rapper was diagnosed with colon disease when she was 12. Mercury’s colon was removed at the age of 17.

The young MC states that she was bullied in school. Also, rather than posting glamorous pictures on Instagram, the artist enjoys memes and other hilarious posts. She is a gifted rapper working in the Indi fields.

Furthermore, her music videos are also inspired by the theme of pop culture and many references to her favorite artists and other inspirations in her life.

Mercury Rapper Wikipedia Bio

Mercury was born in Memphis, Tennessee. The artist’s inspirations are Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Odd Future, A$AP Mob, the internet, and other emo bands.

Moreover, she is one of the few skateboarders in her community. The artist started stake boarding from a young age.

The MC explains that it helps her navigate her worries and troubles of personal and professional aspects. Also, the rapper is quite creative in terms of her outfit.

According to an Atlanta-based rapper, music allowed her to express her creativity. She was able to make friends and let out her feelings in her songs.

The artist is quite famous in her hometown. She is an optimistic and open-minded individual with a vibrant personality.

The artist makes music by herself while creating her mix tape. The rapper was responsible for wearing different hats to accomplish her objective of music creation.

Mercury Rapper Real Name: Who Is She?

Mercury Rapper’s real name is Kennedy Malone from Memphis. The rapper’s pictures are pretty unique on her Instagram account.

Her account handle is @magicallymerc. She is increasing her affluence in the community with her music and gradually garnering attention through her media presence.

Mercury is known for its distinctive sound. The rapper started getting serious about the art in 2018. Her mixtapes are focused on drill rap.

In retrospect, the artist had a harsh childhood. Her father left her when she was young. She was nine when her mother remarried the duo went to Atlanta.