Who is Montana Jordan’s mother? Meet Kelli Pieratt Smith

Montana Jordan, the talented actor known for his role as Georgie Cooper in “Young Sheldon,” has captured the hearts of audiences with his charismatic performances. As fans follow Montana’s journey, they may wonder about the woman who played a crucial role in shaping his life. Let’s meet Kelli Pieratt Smith, the mother of Montana Jordan.

Born on March 8, 2003, in Longview, Texas, Montana was raised in the charming town of Ore City, Texas, under the guidance of his parents, Kelli Pieratt Smith and Tony Jordan. Kelli and Tony’s union blessed them with three wonderful children: Montana, Katelli Renee, and Jaden Jordan.

The story of Kelli and Tony began at Northeast Texas Community College, where they crossed paths and started a journey that would lead to a family. Despite later parting ways through divorce, Kelli and Tony remained steadfast in their commitment to co-parenting their three children, showcasing resilience and dedication in fostering a healthy family environment.

Kelli Pieratt Smith, beyond her role as a mother, is a first-grade teacher, contributing to the education and development of young minds. Her roots run deep in Ore City, Texas, where she was born and raised. Kelli pursued her education at Northeast Texas Community College, the University of Texas at Tyler, and Kilgore College, reflecting her dedication to continuous learning.

In March 2008, Kelli embarked on a new chapter in her life by marrying Rusty Smith, her current husband. This union added another layer to Montana’s family structure, emphasizing the importance of support and love in his upbringing.

As for Montana Jordan’s father, Tony Jordan, he also attended Northeast Texas Community College and has since remarried. However, details about his new wife remain private.

The cordial relationship maintained by Kelli and Tony, despite their separation, underscores their shared commitment to prioritizing the well-being of their three children. Montana’s success as an actor is undoubtedly influenced by the supportive and nurturing environment created by his parents.

Montana Jordan, with the guidance and love of his mother Kelli, continues to shine in the spotlight. From his debut in “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter” to his ongoing role in “Young Sheldon,” Jordan’s journey is not just his own but a testament to the support and foundation provided by his family, especially his devoted mother, Kelli Pieratt Smith.