Who is Nadayza Barkley From Bellport NY? Instagram User Accused Of Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

Nadayza Barkley from Bellport is a co-conspirator with Jasmine Clifford aka Antivaxxmomma, who sold 250 fake vaccine cards. Is she arrested?

A New Jersey woman, who called herself Antivaxxmomma, sold hundreds of fake vaccine cards at $200 per card, as per The Age.

She sold around 250 or so phony vaccine cards to people in recent months, including people working in hospitals and nursing homes.

She had a second scammer involved by the name Nadayza Barkley, who worked at a New York medical center. However, the authorities have now exposed their little illegal activity and have taken them in custody.

The police have also arrested thirteen people for possession of fake vaccine cards, all of whom are believed to work in frontline and essential-employee settings.

Who Is Nadayza Barkley? Instagram And Age

Nadayza Barkley, age 27, is a woman from Bellport, Long Island, and works in a medical office in New York.

She operated with Jasmine Clifford, also known as Antivaxxmomma on Instagram, to sell phony Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine cards to more than two hundred people.

Nadayza Barkley Arrested- What Did She Do?

Nadayza Barkley, Antivaxxmomma, and 13 other people have been arrested and charged by federal authorities for selling forged covid vaccine cards online, The New York Times reported.

Antivaxxmomma, who is a celebrity stripper on Instagram, connected customers to Barkley who then entered the clients’ names in the state vaccine database for an extra $250.

Barkley had added the names of 10 or so buyers so far.

Further, a TikTok user, @tizzyent, brought attention to the fraudulent activity. @tizzyent recorded himself messaging Antivaxxmomma on Instagram and then shared it on his account with more than 2 million followers.

Manhattan District Control Cyrus R. Vance described Antivaxxmomma as a self-described entrepreneur, who sold cards through her Instagram account. She accepted payments through  CashApp or Zelle.

Antivaxxmomma and Barkley are both charged with offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

But, Antivaxxmomma is additionally charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree. The thirteen individuals, who purchased the cards, were also charged.