Who Is Olivia Popham Palestine TX? Death – Woman Collision From Depression

Olivia Popham from Palestine, TX, is pronounced dead after colliding her 2017 Nissan Sentra with a 2012 Ford pickup. Here is more on the incident. 

Many news sources covered the reports about the collision on State Highway 19 south of Athens on Tuesday. The crash happened at 9.17 p.m.

Who Is Olivia Popham Palestine TX?

Olivia Popham from Palestine, TX is pronounced dead in the scene. Texas Department of Public Safety troopers responded to and investigated the crash at 9.17 p.m.

The reports said that Olivia Popham was driving a 2017 Nissan Sentra towards south SH 19 and she collided with the 2012 Ford pickup heading towards North on SH.

The police are yet to discover the reason why she suddenly crossed the center line and struck with another vehicle. The other victim named, Travis Pittman is taken to the hospital.

However, further information on his condition is yet to be released. The investigation is still going on as per DPS.

Furthermore, people on the internet have been mourning over her death and sending prayers to her family members.

Olivia Popham Death – Woman Collision From Depression

Olivia Popham’s death from the collision is being related to her depression. A woman named Livi Jayy made a post about her ongoing depression a few days back on Facebook.

She mentioned that she wish to get a break from her parental responsibilities. It seems she was taking care of her kids all alone that made her mentally tired and resulted in depression.

She also mentioned the kid’s dad in one of her posts in September. She requested that if she was ever gone, her kids should not be handed over to their dads because if he did not take care of them when she was alive, why do it after she is no more.

It seems she has been suffering emotionally and mentally for quite a time now. Though the name differs, in one of her posts, she can be seen addressed as Ms.Popham.

It seems Olivia Popham is her real name and Livi is probably the name she used on social media. Besides, on Tuesday morning she made another post which was hinting that she has lost the battle with her mental health.

The accident happened on the same day around 9 p.m. which has made people believe she is the one who struck another vehicle with the purpose to kill herself.

Find Olivia Popham On Wikipedia

Olivia Popham is not available on Wikipedia as of 2021. However, her death news is all over the internet.

Even her Facebook profile reads, remembering Levi. It probably confirms her death as well.