Who Is Paul Stavenjord?

Paul Stavenjord is the convicted murder of Big Lakes couple Bedorah Rehor and her husband, Carl ‘Rick’ Berry. 

Stavenjord had a very rough childhood growing up with an alcoholic father. He later struggled with his mother’s two subsequent husbands. He moved to Seward, Alaska, with his parents in 1965. 

Stavenjord was also expelled from school for racially charged insults. After which, he turned himself insolent and moody. In two years, he got arrested five times for several crimes, including stealing a gun from his girlfriend’s house.

In 1968, he was sent to McLaughlin Youth center after stealing a car and trying to escape. After six months of release from the youths center, Stavenjord again brandished a gun and robbed a downtown Anchorage liquor store. After the robbery of a net $198, he was immediately sent to jail. 

Similarly, Paul also had a son with his former wife Peggy in 1984. Soon after the child’s birth, Peggy was fed up with the life of no electricity, no running water, no plumbing, and no communication. 

Peggy filed for divorce in 1991 but remained friends after the separation. He played a vital role in his children’s life growing up. 

Update On Deborah Rehor And Carl Rick Berry Murder Case

Deborah Rehor and Carl Rick Berry’s killer Paul Stavenjord was incarcerated at the correctional facility in Alaska.

He was sentenced to 198 years in prison for the murder of the couple.

Mr. Stavenjord was the closest neighbor of the victims. He was found guilty of two murders on the shooting of a Big Lake couple.

The manhunt went for a month after the suspect, Mr. Stavenjord, went on a run after the murder. During the initial investigation, he showed a strong alibi that he was in Fairbanks, Alaska. He also joined the search party before the bodies were found. 

However, his past brought some questions on Stavenjord. Before the incident, he was also convicted of armed robbery and bank robbery. Later on, the authorities also found, he didn’t get along with Rick and Deborah. 

Things started getting more suspicious after he was denied giving a sample of DNA. As a result, the authorities got the warrant for the sample and acquired his house. 

He went for a run before he finally turned himself in to the authorities in July 1997. During his trial in 1998, he gave a version of the story on the court. Mr. Stavenjord told Rick caught him and Deborah during a sexual encounter. 

The convicted killer added Rick began shooting, and he shot Rick to defend himself. Considering his criminal history, he was sacred, so he hid Deborah’s body and left Rick’s floating on Creek. 

Paul Stavenjord Case On Cold-Blooded Alaska  

Paul Stavenjord’s story of killing the pair of husband and wife with a gunshot has been featured on Cold Blooded Alaska docu-series.

As per the investigations, Rick’s body was found in a Creek floating two miles away from his home. While they didn’t find Deborah in the initial search, her family was sure that she would never harm her husband Rick. 

Later, when they found Deborah’s body, it was proven that she was sexually assaulted before her cruel murder. The authorities later confirmed Paul’s DNA matched with semen collected from her body.