Who is PETA Spokesperson Aleesha Naxakis? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Aleesha Naxakis? PETA spokesperson has been highly criticized for rodent backlash. Find Her On Instagram.

Naxakis is a media officer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She has also worked as an accountant coordinator and executive of Herd MSL. Before that, she has also worked for Pancakes On The Rocks, Porter Novelli, and others.

Recently, she was slammed for her controversial comments about the mouse plague.

Who Is Aleesha Naxakis? Everything On PETA Spokesperson

Aleesha Naxakis is an Australian PETA spokesperson.

Moreover, Aleesha has in-house and agency PR experience working for a wide range of brands, including FMCG, NFP, government, etc.

Meet Her On Instagram

Naxakis may not be seen on Instagram.

We’re not quite sure about her Instagram account. Our researches came to no avail as there are no deets regarding her social media presence.

Is She Available on Wikipedia?

Aleesha Naxakis Wikipedia is still out of sight.

So far now, her bio is yet to get surfaced on the official page of Wikipedia even though she is a knowledgeable and strategic communications consultant with solid media relations.

However, we can find her on Linkedin bio. From her Linkedin, we can gather a myriad of information regarding her professional experience, education, skills, and endorsements.

Her Age Divulged

Naxakis age might be in her 30s.

Traversing her picture on the internet, we suppose her of that age. If the truth is told, she has remained silent about her actual date of birth.

Lights On Rodents Backlash

Aleesha Naxakis rodents backlash is getting comprehensive media coverage.

The media officer of PETA has copped criticism after demanding farmers not to kill the rodents running rampant in regional areas. Instead, she argues it should be caught and released elsewhere.

An animal rights activist was slammed across the country for her controversial comments about the mouse plague.

Even Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack lashed her group as “idiots who have never been outside the city.”