Who Is Raeden Greer From True Detective? Accusations on Cary Fukunaga

Raeden Greer from True Detective was fired because she would not agree to their conditions. Here is the actress told to The Daily Beast. 

Raeden Greer is an actress and a producer who is popularly known for her roles in The Host, Magic Mike XXL and Homefront, according to IMDb.

Who Is Raeden Greer From True Detective?

Raden Greer is an actress who was cast in a minor role in True Detective eight years ago but was subsequently sacked. She was fired from the show because she refused to go topless in a scene, according to a story published by The Daily Beast.

Many television shows and films ask women to pose for such scenes; some agree, while others are forced.

Raeden, on the other hand, was ordered to do so, despite the fact that it was not in her contract. She further revealed that she had been assured that she will not be required to go naked during the signing.

She also revealed that when she was granted a small speaking role, she was overjoyed. It was a minor part, but it could have been a stepping stone for her, then a 24-year-old woman. She was getting a chance to be featured in an HBO series and work alongside Woody Harelson.

Details On Raeden Greer Accusations on Cary Fukunaga?

Raeden Greer accused Cary Fukunaga of trying to convince her using different baits to go topless in a scene for True Detectives. She was a fresher in the industry when she got the role.

Her agent and the company told her that she would not have to worry about going nude when she asked them about it. Because of their confirmation, she stopped worrying about it.

However, what she had to face during the time of the shooting was totally different from what her agent told her. The director of ‘Bond’, Cary Fukunaga told her that all the woman in the show goes topless. Her character was that of a stripper so she had to.

When she refused to do the filming going naked, she was asked to go home- thus, fired. The experience she had with the director had troubled her for the last eight years.

Was Raeden Greer Abused?

Raeden Greer was not abused but was told to go topless to film a sequence in True Detective. She shared her experience after the director said that he wishes to create dynamic, multifaced, female characters in the new franchise of “James Bond”.

She hopes that he had actually improved his views about women in the past eight years and is not only bluffing about it in the media to promote the series.