Who Is Rapper Justin Johnson From Memphis Tennessee? Suspect Wanted For Killing – Deatils To Know

Justin Johson is 23 years old rapper who has been reported as the killer or murder suspect of Young Dolph. Find more about the accused rapper.

Young Dolph was killed in an armed shooting at Makeda’s Cookies on November 17, 2021.

Young Dolph, the artist whose real identity was Adolph Robert Thorton Jr. was killed mercilessly outside Makeda’s Homemade Cookies.

The felons came in a white Mercedes, pursued the parked vehicle of Adolph aka Young Dolph in his corvette, and open fire through his window.

The Memphis police department later collaborated with the Tennessee Investigative Bureau to better trace the killer through available clues and video records.

Who Is Rapper Justin Johnson? Identity Of Memphis Killer Suspect

Rapper Justin Johson is a 23 years old artist who gunned down Young Dolph at Memphis outside Maceda Cookies in broad daylight.

The attack was carried out on November 17, 2021, and was conducted by two gunned criminals as per the records from nearby cameras.

Law depart has assigned a $15000 reward for people who come up with any lead that may lead to his arrest.

Justin Johson has been charged with one first-degree murder and one count of property theft of a high range of $10000-$60000.

The US Marshals, the lead investigative depart involved in the murder solving stated the details that Justin was 5’8” and reportedly weighs over 190 pounds.

The criminal has a distinct ‘Jaiya’ name tattooed over his right arm.

The authority has alerted the local bodies to look for the man and they have also warned people to not approach Justin as he is armed and could inflict harm on any side visitors.

Similarly, Justin Johnson has been reported to have ties with high-class murderers, gang members, and underground clans therefore his arrest will surely strike at the very roots of big crime racket.

Justin Johnson Wanted For Murder Of Young Dolph

Justin Johson has been listed in the TBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list of criminals.

He has been identified as the Memphis suspect killer for the brutal murder of young rapper Young Dolph.

According to Maurice Hill, who happens to be the owner of Maceda Homemade Cookies and Bakery. Young Dolph was just at the place to eat some snacks.

The 36 years old rapper was indeed being pursued as the attackers knew when he parked and where he stopped to eat.

Justin has one serious count of first-degree murder and one count of property theft.

The licensing of the crime weapon gun that he used is still being studied and he may face extra charges for all these add-ons.

Is Rapper Justin Johnson Indexed On Wikipedia?

Rapper artist Justin Johson has not yet been featured on the official Wikipedia bio page and indices.

He has been missing since the firing attack on Young Dolph and is currently being pursued relentlessly by the investigative lead team.