Who Is Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte? What We Know About The Former Palmetto State Bank CEO

Russell Laffitte and his wife Susanne Laffitte have two children Carter and Luke. Russell is the former South Carolina bank CEO.

Russell Laffitte has been in court for the various charges made against him when he worked as a CEO.

In the 55th IBSC Annual Convention held on July 26, 2019, the Independent Banks of South Carolina awarded Laffitte with the Independent Banker of the Year.

He was the President of IBSC and had been on the IBSC board. Similarly, he has also been the Chairman of the Political Action Committee for Independent Community Bankers of America.

Who Is Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte?

Former Palmetto State Bank CEO Russell Laffitte is married to his wife Susanne Laffitte.

According to her Linkedin profile, Susanne Laffitte is working as a social work supervisor in the State of Connecticut.

She has been in limelight recently due to her husband being charged with six counts regarding fraudulence and various crimes. She has been beside Russell in the hard days and has supported him. She seems to be a loving mother and supportive wife.

Russell’s father, Charles A. Laffite, is also into the banking profession, and he has followed in his footsteps.

Charles also was the president of ISBC from 2001 to 2002, while Russell became the president of ISBC from 2017 to 2018.

His father had won the Independent Banker of the Year in 2004, while Russell earned it in 2019. The award is given to the people for their remarkable work in the independent banking industry and the local community.

Laffitte was also a member of the Hampton Rotary Club. Similarly, he has also worked as the Vice Chairman for the Hampton County Disability and Special Needs Board.

He was also involved with the Hampton County Economic Development Committee.

Russell was also a member of All Saints Episcopal Church. Similarly, he had also worked as the Chairman of the Hampton Downtown Revitalization Committee.

Russell Laffitte And Susanne Laffitte Have Two Children Carter and Luke

Russell Laffitte and Susanne Laffitte are the parents of two children Carter and Luke.

He has been going in and out of court lately due to the various charges made against him.

He previously worked in the bank as CEO but get fired from him as he was accused of getting involved in stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Alex Murdaugh’s clients.

He was charged with six counts, including conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, and three counts of misapplication of bank funds. The case against the charges occurred for three weeks, during which he denied all the accusations against him.

The trial was held at Charleston federal court, during which lawyers on both introduced more than 300 exhibits to the jury. Similarly, various spreadsheets, canceled checks, charts, and bank statements were shown as evidence. During the trial, testimony revelead the working of top officials at the bank and the firm to cover up money dealing and fraudulence done by Murdaugh and Laffitte.

Although Russell’s attorney was defending him, the prosecutor Winston Holliday didn’t buy his attorney’s words.

She kept the fact in the limelight that when Alex’s firm was found to have stolen $1.3 million from a client, Russell helped to steal it rather than stopping Alex.

He had written a bank check for $680,000. Similarly, he also agreed to reimburse the client.