Who Is Safara Alter Ego – Face and Identity Revealed

Safara on Alter Ego, a talented extraordinary singer in town, led the stage on fire. Learn more about her details below.

The Alter Ego, a combination of talent and motion capture technology allows the contestants to sing backstage while technology creates digital avatars that appear in their place.

Who is Safara Alter Ego? Face and Identity Revealed

The Alter Ego or avatar of Safara is Mariah Rosario (Riah Lena). Mariah Rosario’s performance on the show literally gave goosebumps to all her fans. She performed Good As Hell by Lizzo.

Mariah’s powerful performance shocked everyone to their core. The stage was on literal fire. Check out her performance here, a true inspiration to her fans and supporters.

The judges were instantly blown away and smitten by her performance. Will.I.Am praised her by saying she was the complete package as she effortlessly merged both of her versions to create a unique persona.

Grimes added that her performance had her emotionally invested.

Mariah Rosario is a loan specialist from Tucson, Arizona. In her own words, her alter ego or avatar Safara allowed her to be herself without worrying about her insecurities.

This avatar is the symbol of support from the world that she has what it takes to be the next generation superstar, she says.

The fearless pop diva with a fearless voice wants to conquer the show Alter Ego.

Safara aka Mariah Rosario Age: How old is she?

Safara, aka Mariah Rosario is 26-years-old who is currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Her actual date of birth is not provided.

Mariah’s artistic act on the show ultimately led her to the safe zone and knocked off The Loverboy and scored her spot on the Diamond.

She competed against four other contestants The Loverboy, Kai, Wolfgang Champagne, and Aster. Safara and Kai were granted safe, but unfortunately, one of the contestants Kobe Vang was eliminated.

Find Safara on Instagram

Safara, aka Mariah Rosario is available on an Instagram account under the name @riahlena. She already has 11 thousand followers with 225 posts altogether.

Mariah is a singer and writer who has a beautiful family. We can see her family is very supportive and caring and looks so happy for her success.

She currently shared a video of her family cheering and congratulating her. She is also thankful to her fans for supporting her dreams and tuning in to the show.