Who Is Selamet Mehmetaj? Details To Know About The Albabian Drug Lord And His Arrest Status

Selamet Mehmetaj is an Albanina Drug Lord whose arrest news is not published anywhere to date. Continue reading the article to know everything about the drug dealer.

Selamet Mehmetaj has been a headline on the news as the drug lord who runs a marijuana business.

He was well-known on Instagram since he used to sell his stuff there, and he targeted youngsters through his page.

Since most youngsters are active on Social media such as Instagram and Facebook, Selamet began his racket on social media with fake packaging.

Who Is Albanian Drug Lord Selamet Mehmetaj?

Albanian Drug Lord Selamet Mehmetaj is known as The Devil as he sold high-potency marijuana plants to his customers.

Mehmetaj is one of the dealers who uses Instagram to manage his cannabis business.

However, several distinct street pharmacists have begun utilizing social media platforms to target younger people.

The Daily Mail Investigations Unit identified his illegal business, in which he supplies 2,500 high-strength marijuana plants to buyers across the UK.

After being notified by the Daily Mail, Instagram took down the page.

Nonetheless, while the page was still active, undercover Mail journalists masquerading as consumers used the social networking app to contact them.

Is Selamet Mehmetaj Arrested?

There has been no recent news indicating that drug lord Selamet Mehmetaj has been arrested.

Mehmetaj was arrested when authorities uncovered a Russian PK machine gun stashed behind the gearbox of his Mercedes-Benz in April 2020.

However, he was bailed from jail after 48 hours. He stated it had been hidden in the car since he acquired it in 2018.

Meanwhile, he reveals how he distributes 2,500 high-strength cannabis plants to dealers in the UK. But, the marijuana market is illegal in the UK still Selamet openly sells his pots.

As a result, Selamet may be arrested soon after some more investigations.

Selamet Mehmetaj Age And Wikipedia Biography

Selamet Mehmetaj is currently 28 years old was born in 1992 or 1993.

Yet, Mehmetaj does not have a biography under his name on the official page of Wikipedia.

Selamet currently lives in Palmer, Australia but is originally from Tropoja in northern Albania. He is a drug lord with a multi-million-pound marijuana business.

The drug lord also rides a £50,000 worth car, Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG, an Audi RS7, and a System 3 car.

Recently, Selamet revealed how he supplies 2,500 high-strength cannabis plants to dealers around the UK and collects buds for them to sell.

Also, he makes it clear what happens to those who attempt to get in his way, boasting matter-of-factly about slicing off two fingers of a customer who didn’t pay.

Meet Selamet Mehmetaj Wife On Instagram

Selamet Mehmetaj is yet to disclose whether he has a wife or not. While his Instagram is presently disabled, it is hard to learn about his personal life.

He was active on Instagram under the name ‘Gjak Shqipez,’ which indicates Albanian Blood and had massive followers on his profile.

Instagram blocked his account after the columnist discovered the suspicious behavior on his profile.

Hence, we are currently unable to say anything about his personal life at the moment.