Who Is Tanya Kellock? News, Full Video And Reddit – Tanya Kellogg Story Explored

Who Is Tanya Kellock? Tanya rose to prominence famous after posting an incest video on her Snapchat and Instagram with her 5-year old brother. Lets find out in detail about it.

Tanya is a UK-based disputed teenager. She came into the limelight after her supposedly indecorous video surfaced in 2017.

Although the video seems to have been removed, users all over the web are questioning the truth. She said that she wants to draw, she and her best friend did it as a joke and asked her brother if she can do it, her brother said okay, then she films it.

After that, she sent it to her story by mistake instead of her best friend, and after she found out, she cried and showed her mom.

Many stories have gone around the internet, though, from her ex telling her to do it, her dad, or even a pedophile.

It is also unknown what is true, but anyway, it’s an awful thing to do. And Tanya also removed all of her previous posts from social media platforms.

Who Is Tanya Kellock?

Tanya Kellock is a disputed teenager who was trending back in 2017 for an indecorous video.

She has posted an incest video on her Snapchat and her Instagram with her 5-year old brother.

Also, she is known as Tanya Kellux. She was 12 years old when her controversial video showed up in 2017; as of now, she should be 16/17 years old. Her personal details, along with her educational and parents’ details, are kept confidential.

And, she has never talked anything about the topic.

Also, now she isn’t available on the social media handles including, Reddit and Instagram. But, she is available on Twitter as @TanyaKellock.

Tanya Kellock News Explained: Reddit

Regardless of any recent news on Tanya Kellock, the latest one might be date back to 2017.

As per reports, she apparently filmed the video as a joke. Later on, she apologized for the mistake and cried as she showed it to her mom.

After, many fake profiles have circulated the video, making it a serious issue of child abuse. Damn, people are so dubious. Whatever the truth may be, the incident certainly caused quite a long upsurge on the internet.

Her video got viral on the social media platform Reddit. And, one of the users commented that “Take any sexual crime and the man always gets the harsh punishment. The woman could have done the same thing literally, but the punishment is never as much for the women”.

It seems her video was a child abused video that targeted young people.

Tanya Kellock Full Video: Story Explored

Tanya Kellock was 12 years old when she performed an incest thing on her 5-year old brother.

The video was posted on Snapchat and Instagram and has traveled over many social media through fake accounts. Tanya incest thing was a child abusive video which targeted young people.