Who Is Tate Fegley? Everything To Know About The Young Powerlifter

Tate Fegley, a 10-year-old kid, has shaken the athletic community with his unimaginable power and fitness, and everyone is curious about one of the youngest powerlifters. Everything to know about him.

Tate began his weightlifting in the summer of 2019. He became so passionate about it that he would wake up at 7 am to work out each morning.

Tate was all over the media after he broke seven American records in weightlifting, becoming the youngest one to do so. He is an excellent example for all the young kids worldwide that nothing is impossible.

He was named 2021 Powerlifter of the year by US weightlifting.

Weightlifting: Who Is Tate Fegley?

Tate Fegley is a powerlifter who has introduced himself in the athletic world by shattering several American records in weightlifting.

Tate has some outstanding records in his name, which seems abnormal to most people. He holds records like the 92-pound bench press, 190 squat, and 230 dead life. The most surprising fact is that he smashed all these records in just one day of competition.

The young lad has expressed his desire to break other records in the coming days. At the moment, no one seems to be stopping him from it. He achieved bests of a  214 squat, 114 bench press, and 259 deadlifts while capturing the gold medal at Youth National in Orlando this year.

Tate Fegley: How Old Is He? His Age And Height Revealed

Tate Fegley, a record-breaker kid, is just ten years old and studying in grade 4, and stands at the height of 4 feet 7 inches.

He made people think about what can be done at such a young if we have strong willpower and determination. He can deadlift 230 pounds which is twice his weight.

He left everyone talking about his power and fitness. People are curious about his diet and daily workout routine. He seems to be a workaholic and ready to go big ahead.

Tate Fegley Parents

Tate Fegley was born to his father, Brint Fegley, and his mother, Marla Fegley, and his parents are very proud of his son.

Tate hails from Binden, Lousiana. According to his mother, he started weightlifting just two years ago, and at that time, it was unknown that it was also a sport. But she never stops her son from it, and he keeps progressing.

Currently, he was working under his coach Gray. He practices for 3 hours after returning from school.

Meet Tate Fegley On Instagram

Tate Fegley is active on Instagram, but his mother and father manage his account.

Almost 3000 people watch Tate on his account, and nearly 63 posts are made from his official account. Most of the posts are related to his workouts, tournaments, and achievements.