Who Is Tom Blyth? Billy The Kid Actor – Wikipedia Age, Wife And More Facts To Know

Billy The Kid actor Tom Blyth portrays the character of Bill who reportedly killed at least eight people and escaped from jail several times. Learn everything about him here. 

Tom Blyth who kick-started his acting career as a feral child in the movie Robin Hood is now starring in the eight-episode EPIX biopic “Billy the Kid.” The series is released on April 24, 2022.

It surrounds the life of a notorious gunslinger from America’s 19th century Wild West, Billy. Born Henry McCarty, he was known by different names like William H. Bonney and Billy.

He transformed from being an innocent son of Irish immigrants to a legendary criminal. Reportedly, he killed eight men before Sheriff Pat Garrett shot him dead at Fort Sumter in 1881.

Meet Billy The Kid Actor Tom Blyth

Tom Blyth is playing Billy in Billy the Kid. The series shows the journey of the son of an immigrant parent to turn into one of the most notorious killers

Further, the series shows how Billy remains sympathetic and likable though he had committed some hideous crimes. In one of the scenes, a woman runs up and kissed him while he is being dragged to jail.

During one of the interviews, Tom stated that Billy was magnetic. Furthermore, he added Even though he was committing crimes people could not help but like him.

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Is Tom Blyth On Wikipedia? Age Details

The 27-year-old actor Tom Blyth has yet to appear on the official Wikipedia website. He was born and raised in Nottingham.

However, Blyth moved to the United States to pursue his career in Hollywood. The Billy the Kid actor has previously appeared in The Gilded Age (2022) and Benediction (2021).

Portraying the character of Billy is quite a challenge to the actor as there are no video clips or a recording of him. Blyth took the role soon after graduating from the acclaimed Juilliard School of Performing Arts in New York City.

Blyth says his acting passion came from watching movies with his late father, Gavin. Gavin was a producer for Coronation Street and Emmerdale. He sadly passed away when Tom was just 14-years old.

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Find Out If Tom Blyth Is Married: Wife Details

The young actor Tom Blyth isn’t married to date. Followingly, there are no records of him having a wife in the past.

Going through his social media account, it is safe to assume that the actor is possibly single at the moment. As he is precisely secretive about his dating life on the Internet, he can or cannot be secretly dating.

As of now, he is excited about his new project, Billy the Kid.

Meet Tom Blyth On Instagram

Tom Blyth is active on Instagram under the username @tomblyth. At the time of this writing, he has almost 4k followers on his verified account.

Most of his posts are about traveling with his friend. While some of them are from his professional photoshoot, and upcoming and ongoing projects.