Who Is Tom Reber? Everything To Know About The “Unfinished Business” HGTV Host

HGTV show host Tom Reber has not introduced his wife on the web yet, but he was once a married man and has gone through a lot of stress and memories with his ex-wife. 

Tom Reber is a television personality and builder. He is also the founder of We Live Unafraid Apparel, The Contractor Fight, and the Host of The Contractor Fight Podcast. He is also a former United States Marine Corp.

He has been trending on the internet after his new show at HGTV is scheduled to air very soon, Tom will help complete families their abandoned house renovation and decoration projects, one family per episode in his new show Unfinished Business.

Let us learn more about Tom Reber and take a closer look at his wife and explore more about his age and Wikipedia.

Who Is Tom Reber Wife?

Tom Reber has not introduced his wife on the web or to the general public as of now.

He has not spoken anything about his current marriage and his wife if he has any.

However, the former marine was married to his ex-wife who spent years trying to build a family. However, after trying and visiting several specialists Tom came to know he was infertile according to his blog.

He has referred to his then-wife as his ex-wife in his blog, which implies the couple is not together anymore.

Reber now has adopted three children, two sons named Dakota and Tiga and one daughter named Iris. Now, Tom cannot imagine his life without his three children.

What Is Tom Reber Net Worth?

Tom Reber’s net worth could be around $500k as of 2021.

He has not spoken anything about his actual net worth on the web or to the general public as of now.

However, we are currently trying to verify his actual net worth as you read this article.

Similarly, we can suspect his major source of income as his career as a television personality and builder.

Life has not been as fair as it is now for Tom, as he once had to file for bankruptcy and was denied a job even though he was the perfect candidate for the job.

What Is Tom Reber Age? Wikipedia Explored

Tom Reber could be in the age group of 45-50 years old, judging by his images and career.

The HGTV host has not revealed his actual date of birth or his actual age to the general public as of now.

Tom Reber also does not have a Wikipedia profile for his wiki and bio yet, but we have covered everything to know about him in this article for our viewers and readers.

However, we can learn more about Tom’s professional career from his LinkedIn profile.