Who Is Tyrah Lauagiagi? Meet The Trans Athlete on Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball

Tyrah Lauagiagi is an athlete who is currently competing in Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball group. Learn more about her below.

She is one of the strong players who is leading the team to victory against Silver Ferns. The team captain Kruze Tangira claims that she is one of the best players in the team. 

Who Is Tyrah Lauagiagi?

Tyrah Lauagiagi is an athlete who is playing from Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball group against silver ferns. She belongs to New Zealand nationality who has always dreamt of playing for the national team.

The captain of the team Tangira said that she is her close friend and believes that she will shine in the game that is taking place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night.

The captain including the other five members of the team had not been given travel exemption by the government despite getting fully vaccinated and testing negative for Covid-19.

They were frustrated over this decision whereas the Rugby player Julian Savea was granted the travel exemption had increased their disappointment more and more.

But they believe in the other players who have been granted permission to travel will do their best and shine in the court.

Meet The Trans Athlete Tyrah Lauagiagi on Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball

Tyrah aka Tyra Lauagiagi is a trans woman who is also an athlete from Aotearoa Men’s netball.

Despite the travel exemption, the team members remain excited about the match and believe they will mark victory as well. The leader has placed high hopes on Lauagiagi as she will be a key performer for all the matches.

But unfortunately, the team lost the match against silver ferns yesterday.

The player has not commented on her loss to their biggest competitor yet. Besides, Tangira, who had high hopes from the team has also remained tight-lipped about it.

However, it can be seen the play was tough for both sides. Aotearoa was missing the heart of their team- the captain and also the other five members.

What Is The Age and Height Of Tyrah Lauagiagi

Tyrah Lauagiagi age and height remains unknown to the public. Her name surfaced on the internet after she started playing for Men’s Net Ball team.

However, judging from her photos, it seems she is in her 20s and has a height above 5ft 5in. Thus, there is very little information about her on the Internet.