Who Is Ventrecanard? Real Name Age And Gender Of The Author

Ventrecanard is an author at Wattpad, an online social reading platform intended for users to read and write original stories. What’s her real name.

The Wattpad community revealed that more than 90 million people sign up on their website, and Ventrecanard is one of the most popular writers on their app.

Besides, Wattpad also organized a writing competition, where around 300k people participated from more than 50 countries. In this competition, Ventrecanard made a big name.

Author: Ventrecanard Real Name Revealed

Ventrecanarad is an author at Wattpad, whose real name is Never Niyan Sinabi.

The Wattpad author hails from the Philippines. She became a member of Wattpad as a reader in 2014, and in 2015, she began writing on the platform. In 2016, she solely focused on her writing.

The Filipino author published her first writing Caught in His Arms which is previously known as “In the Arms of Five Hot Jerks”. It was the first book of her popular book series Arms Trilogy.

Till 2021, she wrote more than 18 stories and gathered 1.8 million readers on the platform, which got her the badge of Wattpad Stars Program. She published two of her stories in her own publishing house Fairy Publishing House.

Ventrecanard Age: How Old Is She?

Ventrecanard is 18 years of age in 2022, which may sound surprising to many of our readers. She is a nursing student and hails from Laguna, Philippines.

The Filipino author started writing when she was fourteen and completed four stories during her notebook days entitled:  The Alibarbar Band. 

Just like others, she had only three readers at the initial stage. However, as time moves forward, the 18-year-old author became more serious about writing.

The level of writing she has makes it hard to believe that she is a teenager. She writes with immense maturity, and her stories can be found interesting for all age groups.

Ventrecanard Gener: Is She Male Or Female?

Ventrecanard, an 18-year-old Filipino author, is a female. She revealed her gender identity through her Facebook post in 2019.

In 2019, the Filipino author became an author under Pop Fiction with Caught In His Arms published and was recorded as one of the Best Seller books up until now.

Till now, the 18-year-old has published Beyond The Mist and The Trees, Incense of The Lotus Flower, Moonlight Throne, Moonlight Blade, The White Curse, Bitten, His Bite, etc.