Who plays Prince Aethelwulf in Vikings? Why was Aethelwulf killed off?

Aethelwulf, also spelled Ethelwulf, (died 858), Anglo-Saxon king in England, and the father of King Alfred the Great. As ruler of the West Saxons from 839 to 856, he allied his kingdom of Wessex with Mercia and thereby withstood invasions by Danish Vikings.

In 839 Aethelwulf became King of Wessex and inherited the throne from his father Egbert. Egbert passed on not only a title but the responsibility of numerous territories spanning kingdoms across England and accompanying it, the constant threat of it being taken away.

Who plays Prince Aethelwulf in Vikings?

Prince Aethelwulf in Vikings was played by Moe Dunford. Moe Dunford (born December 11, 1987) is an Irish actor best known for his role as King Aethelwulf in the History drama Vikings. Advertisement

Why was Aethelwulf killed off?

However it later transpired he was allergic to bees, and the sting caused his face to swell, eventually killing him.