Who Was Laurie Houts? Murdered Engineer Finally Gets Justice After 29 Years With Suspects Arrest

Laurie Houts was discovered dead in her automobile, strangled, in 1992. Her boyfriend’s roommate, who is now a tech CEO, was just detained for her slaying.

Three decades after Laurie was killed, the case is no longer an unsolved homicide.

According to authorities, a former roommate’s girlfriend was killed in 1992, and a California tech firm CEO has been indicted in connection with the crime.

In late January 2020, officers began re-examining the Houts case and re-submitting the investigation’s materials to the Santa Clara County Crime Lab for additional examination.

Similarly, the DNA samples taken from the scene evidence matched John Kevin Woodward’s DNA, according to the police.

Obituary: Who Was Laurie Houts?

Laurie Houts, a 25 years old computer engineer, was found dead in her car, close to a dump, approximately a mile from her place of work.

Besides, the incident took place in Mountain View’s 1300 block of Crittenden Lane, according to Rob Baker, a deputy district attorney for Santa Clara County.

Her conflict with the suspect was evident in the tracks left on the interior of the glass of the automobile, and the rope that was used to strangle her was still around her neck. Nearby, her wallet was discovered undamaged.

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Engineer Houts Was Assassinated By Readytech CEO John Kevin Woodward

According to a news release from the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney, Laurie Houts, a 25-year-old, was killed by John Kevin Woodward, the president and CEO of Readytech.

Woodward, who is now 58 years old, was detained on Saturday after landing in New York from Amsterdam. Soon after, Woodward was detained and subjected to two separate trials for the murder of Houts in the early 1990s.

However, after the jury was unable to come to a conclusion, the court dismissed the case due to insufficient evidence, according to the district attorney’s office.

On Monday Woodward was identified using fresh evidence and fingerprints gathered at the 1992 murder scene thanks to advancements in DNA technology.

Further, investigators think that Houts’s relationship with his flatmate at the time made Woodward envious of her.

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Where Is Laurie Houts Family Now? 

Since the development, the family of Laurie Houts has spoken about having to swiftly relive 30 years of trauma. Likewise, in honor of Houts’ passion for STEM and athletics, her family established the Laurie Houts Memorial Girls Athletics Scholarship.

Donations are given to female Gunderson High School seniors who have participated in sports all four years and who want to pursue degrees in STEM fields.

Besides, Cindy and Marilyn both discussed the 30 years of squandered opportunities—both professionally and personally—with ABC7 News.

Marilyn disclosed, “She didn’t experience the full Silicon Valley boom. She would have been on par with many senior programmers and computer engineers.”

Cindy stated, “I feel awful for my kids who will never know their aunt. “She is so unknown, as far as I can tell. Simply put, they were all too young.”

Apparently, friends and family are right now concentrating on getting justice and getting closure.