Who Was Raheel Ahmad? TikTok Photographer Sania Khan Killed In An Apparent Murder-Suicide

Raheel Ahmad was the former husband of TikTok Photographer Sania Khan. She was seen talking about their divorce publicly because Raheel was angry.

Sania Khan is a Pakistani-American photographer who recently moved to Chicago. She was shot and killed by her ex-husband named, Raheel Ahmad. She is pretty popular on TikTok as well and used to share openly the bad experiences she had with Raheel.

Raheel and his family members were not happy that she was publicly speaking about their separation. That could be the main reason for the murder-suicide that Ahmad did.

Who Is Raheel Ahmad?

Raheel Ahmad is the ex-husband of the well-known TikTok Star Sania Khan. According to the authorities, Raheel shot his wife and later killed himself.

Ahmad was 36 years old man. He and Sania recently got separated from each other the last winter. Their formal divorce was finalized in May. After their split, he used to live with his family in the Atlanta Suburb.

Furthermore, the killer could not digest that he was divorced from Sania. The starting report shows the cause for murder-suicide as domestic disagreements. After their separation, Sania was thinking of returning home and starting her new life as per her friends.

Sania was discovered with a gunshot injury on her head. As per the police, “In the 200 block of E. Ohio, on 18th July 2022 around 4:30 PM, both of them were found dead. A weapon was also recovered, and the Detectives are investigating.”

TikTok Photographer Sania Khan Killed In Murder-Suicide

TikTok photographer and star Sania Khan has been killed by her former husband. He firstly murdered his ex-wife and later suicide by firing himself to death.

Sania was only 29 years old when she was killed. She was interested in photographing and was a college graduate working as a flight attendant. She was a multi-talented woman. The star married Raheel and later decided to divorce him and start a new life.

When Raheel saw Sania gaining fame on social media and talking about their separation, he got angry and killed her. He planned and tracked Khan to end her life and his as well.

As per several reports, the killer traveled from Georgia to Chicago so that he could shoot his ex-partner on Monday afternoon. After that, he killed himself before the police could arrest him.

What Happened To Raheel Ahmad?

Raheel Ahmad took his own life after killing his ex-partner Sania Khan. He killed Sania in the first place on Monday afternoon and later killed himself before he could be brought under custody.

The police and authorities were there at Sania’s residence to check if Ahmad was there or not, as he was reported missing by his relatives. But, they heard gunfire when they knocked on the door. So, the police and other authorities entered the door forcefully.

When they got inside, they saw Sania near the door with a gunfire wound on the back of her head. She was not responding or breathing and was declared dead at the crime scene. Raheel was also found in the same room with a shot in his head and was taken immediately to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital but could not manage to survive.