Who Was Rayburn Cardenas Barron? Extramarital Affair With TikTok Star Jinnkid Wife Ana Marie Abulaban

Who Was Rayburn Cardenas Barron? Know about the man that JinnKid killed along with his wife Ana Abulaban.

A popular TikTok star Ali Abulaban, known by his internet name JinnKid, was arrested for the charges of a double murder on last Thursday.

He reportedly killed two people, among which one was his own wife Ana Abulaban and the next was her companion Rayburn Cardenas Barron.

Following the murder, Ali himself called the police after he picked up his daughter from the school and he was arrested the same day.

Now after a few days of the murder incident, several speculations, as well as truths, have come forward highlighting the fact that the couple had some fights and were getting separated.

Apparently, JinnKid heard his wife Ana laughing and giggling with a man named Barron through a device that he had set up in his daughter’s i-pad which was at her home.

After that, the TikTok star broke into the apartment and killed both of them out of jealousy, reports Get India News.

Who Was Rayburn Cardenas Barron?

Rayburn Cardenas Barron was a 29-year-old man who was killed along with Ana Abulaban in the lethal shooting.

Barron was present with Ana when Ali broke into the house. In the confession that he made later, JinnKid revealed that he had heard Rayburn laughing with his wife.

Although the specific, as well as professional details about Barron, are not revealed, there are many speculations that he might have been the boyfriend of the late Ana Abulaban.

The Abulaban couple were looking to get separated after Ana had become the victim of several domestic violence incidents.

The thought of separation and the jealousy of his wife together with another man is believed to have been the reason that Ali Abulaban did what he did.

Ana Marie Abulaban Boyfriend Rayburn Cardenas Barron: Extramarital Affair and Cheating Details Explored

Despite several rumours about Rayburn Cardenas Barron being the boyfriend of Ana Abulaban, the details are not confirmed.

While addressing the relationship between the victims, police investigators revealed Rayburn Cardenas Barron as a ‘companion’ of Ana.

They didn’t mention the existence of an extramarital affair or any love relations in their report.

However, the speculations eventually surfaced that Baron might have been the boyfriend of Ana who was not happy with her husband.

The fact that Ana Abulaban was alone with Barron in her bedroom when she had just moved her husband out of the house might have hinted towards the possible love relationship.

Moreover, it might be true or might be false as well and maybe Rayburn was only a companion or a friend of Ana.

Nevertheless, the details about the exact relationship between Ana and Barron are still far from public knowledge.