Why Is Susie Dent Missing From Countdown? Anxious Fans Are Wondering Where She Is Today

The commencement is a famous daytime words and numbers test show beginning around 1982. The show is fragmented without its “Word reference Corner” portion which is taken by Susie Dent.

Imprint is an English word specialist and etymologist. Beginning around 1992, she has been a normal on Channel 4’s Countdown in the “Word reference Corner.”

She likewise shows up on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and has been a piece of the BBC sitcom Not Going Out.

Why Is Susie Dent Missing From Countdown? Susie Dent showed up on the Countdown on Monday, June 6, 2022 episode. The expression of the day was “corrump”.

It is a fourteenth century word that means to obliterate something ethically or bring it down to nothing.

Nonetheless, the inquiry “For what reason is Susie Dent not on Countdown today?” is normally looked through on Google. Everything started in December 2021.

Imprint was once missing on its episode in the wake of experiencing the Covid. The show have had tended to Dent’s nonattendance saying;

“As may be obvious, Susie hasn’t arrived. She’s away having a Covid test.”. In the wake of taking her clinical leave she at last returned on twentieth December.

At that point, she had missed one day of the recording while at the same time hanging tight for a test. Following this, she missed a sum of five episodes.

Has Susie Dent Left Countdown? Susie Dent has not left Countdown, in any case, there are bits of gossip that she could be leaving sooner rather than later.

By the by, Dent has never discussed her takeoff from the show. She probably got many proposals from rival channels yet has not shown interest.

Susie, an accomplished word specialist, will make generally around £45,000 in 2022. Nonetheless, most of them are independently employed, and your pay not entirely settled by your experience and gifts. Apparently, the etymologist is exceptionally happy with the administration. She has no designs to leave the show at any point in the near future.

Where Could Susie Dent Today be? Susie Dent had been cheerfully hitched to Paul Atkins 2001, a grade teacher. The previous couple likewise has two girls Lucy and Rhea. Mark got isolated from her significant other in the year 2021

Commencement airs on Channel 4 at 2.10 pm on non-weekend days, and more seasoned programs are accessible on All4. Gouge is customary in the show and she shows up in the section.

Starting around 2022, Dent goes by the handlename @susiedent on Instagram. She has a sum of 30.5 thousand supporters on the stage.