WWE Star Rhea Ripley No Makeup Look: Plastic Surgery Before And After

WWE Universe and Admirers wanted to look at Rhea Ripley no makeup look after the wrestler become the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39.

The camera moved to Charlotte, who was down and outside the ring, while Ripley hoisted the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Charlotte was publicly beaming at Rhea’s big moment while openly crying.

Rhea Ripley, real name Demi Bennett is a professional wrestler from Australia who has currently signed a contract with the WWE.

The wrestler is in her first reign as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. The WWE entertainer was also the first Australian female champion in WWE history and the only person to have won all five championships.

Bennett joined WWE in 2017 when it was revealed that she will participate in the first Mae Young Classic as Rhea Ripley.

With her triumph at WrestleMania 39, the athlete became the fifth woman to win the Grand Slam, the seventh woman to win the Women’s Triple Crown and the youngest grand slam winner in WWE history.

Rhea Ripley No Makeup

Many fans are eager to see Rhea Ripley no makeup look like the WWE Universe has always seen her in a wrestling makeover.

After the recent win at WrestleMania 39, Admirers are searching for Rhea Ripley no makeup look, her family, and other private details.

Besides her wrestling matches, many people might not have seen Rhea Ripley no makeup look. The sportswoman loves her natural face and does not seem to hide it from her admirers.

The wrestler has uploaded multiple images without cosmetic products on her social media handle.

Furthermore, Rhea Ripley no makeup look is available on the WWE official platform. The female wrestler collaborated with other wrestlers like Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Dana Brooke, and others in Raw Beauty.

After Rhea Ripley no makeup photoshoot, she stated that she is terrified of photoshoots and is not comfortable while getting nervous.

While in the ring, Rhea proudly displays tattoos on her hands, forearms, and even her face. Her earlobes have been pushed open with a huge, circular piercing, and wears jet-black lipstick.

Even though her edgy makeover has elevated her to the top of the wrestling world, some followers have pleaded with her to revert to her previous persona before her wrestling career.

Rhea Ripley Plastic Surgery

Rumors have spread about Rhea Ripley having plastic surgery after starting her career at WWE. However, the rumors are baseless as there is not any evidence to prove them.

WWE Universe might have thought Rhea Ripley got plastic surgery as the wrestler is unrecognizable from her pictures clicked before her gothic transformation.

WWE is familiar with Rhea Ripley’s unusual gothic appearance, which includes tattoos, jet-black lipstick, short hair, and shaved sides. However, photos of the star’s radically different earlier appearance have astounded fans.

Rhea highlighted how she hated the notion that women should have a particular appearance and expressed her happiness at hearing that she had motivated others to do the same.

The entertainer might not have got plastic surgery, and her transformation should be just her makeup and short hair in the WWE ring.

Ripley spoke candidly about her lifelong battle with body dysmorphia. She claims that the media’s definition of beauty and the usage of drugs by fitness models to maintain their physiques are mostly to blame for her concerns on the subject.

Ripley indicated in the interview that she wouldn’t use steroids out of concern for dying prematurely.