Who Is Jamie Dutton Baby Mama Cristina & Is He Married?

Jamie Dutton is a lead character in the series, Yellowstone, where his campaign manager is mama to his baby. Jamie, the son of cattle farm owner John Dutton and his partner Evelyn Dutton, is a lawyer in the show.

When Jamie began to work closely with his assistant, Christina, their professional relationship gradually evolved into a deeply personal one and worsen with their professional downfall.

The couple separated afterward and Jamie started living with his family even after Christina broke the news of her pregnancy to him.

Christina finally reunited Jamie with his son when he found out about his biological parents and distanced himself from his adoptive parents.

The couple is not married in the show.

Learn About Jamie Dutton Girlfriend Name and Relationship Timeline

Jamie Dutton’s girlfriend’s role is played by the actress, Katerine Cunningham. She has appeared in 11 episodes, starting from season 1, episode 6, The Remembering.

Christina gets pregnant after her unsuccessful relationship with Jamie. The duo came close when she was deployed as his campaign manager as he was out competing to be New Montana Attorney General.

After she calls out Jamie for what had happened, she gives him an option to start a family with her, but he denies it.

Christina later unites her son with Jamie when he realizes the importance of biological parents himself. 

Christina interned for Barack Obama’s campaign manager, Chris Messina, during the 2012 election.

She worked with A.G. Stewart at the Attorney General’s Office for three years as an instrumental in the Assembly’s gain of five seats in 2016.