Ziggy Livnat Death: Videographer For National Geographic & Ocean Activist Passed Away

Ziggy Livnat Death Cause And Obituary

Ziggy Livnat’s death is said to have been caused by illness. The particular cause, however, has not been highlighted in the news.

Livnat, according to sources, passed away this week. A memorial to her was also broadcast on CBS Sunday morning.

On its Twitter account, the well-known CBS show has written: “This morning, we’re heading to the waters off the coast of St. Croix. Ziggy Livnat, a longtime friend of “Sunday Morning,” was a National Geographic Explorer, ocean campaigner, and longstanding friend of “Sunday Morning.”

Not only that, ” The show’s Twitter account, @CBSSunday, has also released his famed underwater documentary.

Ziggy has also worked with a number of well-known artists, academics, and activists, as well as a government scientist. On Twitter, they have all paid respect to him.

Who Is Ziggy Livnat?

Ziggy is passionate about environmental protection and has directed several award-winning underwater videos.

Likewise, NOAA, the American Museum of Natural History, National Geographic, and CBS Sunday Morning are among his clientele.

MFA’s Ziggy Livnat has been working as a professional artist for nearly three years, creating educational entertainment that connects marine life to audiences all around the world through underwater film, photography, and collaborations with musicians.

According to LinkedIn, Livnat earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the School Of Visual Arts. Similarly, he has extensive professional experience as an underwater filmmaker with For The Sea, where he spent nearly 25 years.

Ziggy presented interactive presentations to his viewers as the show’s host. He was a true inspiration for our ecosystem’s richness. He is also the long-time proprietor of For The Sea Productions, where he’s worked for the past nineteen years.

In addition to that, Learning to See (2004), It Ain’t Easy Being Green (2017), and CBS News Sunday Morning brought him to popularity (1979).

Know About The Family Members Of Ziggy Livnat

Ziggy Livnat seems to be a private person as he was mostly silent about his family reltaionships.

Likewise, he is available on Instagram under the username of  @for_the_sea where has shared numerous pictures.

His availability on social media aswell doesnot give hint about his family as he hadnot posted him.

However, his instagram bio shows a man carrying baby, which can be that he is already a father of his children. It is not sure as the clear face is not visible.