Zusje mma Wikipedia: Everything To Know

Explore Kamila Smogulecka, nicknamed Zusje’s Wikipedia page. Zusje, aged 25 years, is a fierce MMA fighter. Get notified about his information, including his nationality and net worth, in the article.

The real name of the professional Mixed Martial Art fighter is Kamila Smogulecka. She is not only an MMA fighter but also an actress and musician.

She was born on October 12, in the year 1995, in Poland. She has professionally made her debut in Fame MMA (FMMA).

As an actress, she has four credits where she has mostly played her role as ‘Luxuria Astaroth,’ which is one of her popular nicknames and Zusje.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Information about Zusje’s net worth details is not available to date.

She has not spiller beans regarding her net worth and her salary as an FMMA fighter.

As a professional MMA fighter and actress/musician, we can assume that she makes a good amount of money for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Her lifestyle is visible on her Instagram account.

She posts about her day-to-day lifestyle and her in-ring moments in her account.

She owns a YouTube channel where she posts her vlogs about her daily activity, music, and athletic moments.

Which Nationality Does She Belong To?

Zusje belongs to the Polish nationality.

She was born in Lodz, Poland.

Zusje Age:How Old Is She?

Kamila Smogulecka aka Zusje is 25 years old.

She was born in 1995 in Poland, and her birthday falls on October 12.

The FMMA fighter has a solid athletic build.

Zusje MMA Wikipedia

Despite being a professional FMMA athlete, Zusje’s Wikipedia page is still behind the curtains.

Her career and biography are available on different sports pages and various polish sites over the internet.

But she is yet to be featured on the official site of Wikipedia page.